Thursday, July 1, 2021

His Secret Love by Ava Ryan - ARC Review & Release Blitz

Best one-night-stand of my life. Plot twist: she’s our new nanny…

Commitments? No thanks.

And after my painful divorce I’m also done with secrets and lies.

The occasional hookup is more my speed as a new billionaire, busy doctor and single dad.

But there’s something about Skye. That’s why I swiped right on her profile.

That’s why we enjoyed sizzling chemistry and an unforgettable one-night stand.

I meant it to be a one-time thing.

I never anticipated this growing obsession with her.

I certainly never expected my ex to hire her as our new nanny.

Now my life is full of messy secrets.

And the relentless desire to get feisty Skye back in my bed…

Jake and Skye met on a dating app and had an intense and intimate one night stand. As Skye is leaving, Jake says he will call her...and, well, 2 weeks later, he still hasn't.

But no problem, as she is the new nanny his ex-wife hires to care for his children.

So, that's an issue. But, she decides they will be only professional, and it's not like Jake called her anyway. Jake, however, has other ideas.

This book is a little bit forbidden, although the way the story starts out, with the meeting on the dating app, takes some of the forbidden feeling out of it, as they didn't meet while she was his employee...and really more his ex-wife's employee.

I also liked that this book felt like, at least for the most part, actual adults were involved and reacting to the situations, as sometimes books like this can seem a little juvenile or overwrought, but not this one.

This book was hot, the connection was believable, and I enjoyed and recommend it.

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Meet Ava Ryan

Ava Ryan is an author of sexy contemporary romance. Her favorite things, in no special order, are animals, her family, cookies, people with great senses of humor and love stories. Currently in her writer's cave (ostensibly working hard on her next book while also checking Netflix every few hours to make sure she hasn't missed a new true crime documentary show), she loves hearing from readers via her website or social media. If you love billionaire alpha males, the feisty women who snag their hearts and books that end with a happily ever after, you've come to the right place. Please make sure to subscribe to Ava's newsletter to stay in the loop about her latest releases and upcoming books!

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