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Skies Over Caledonia by Samantha Young - ARC Review & Release Blitz

He’s a down-to-earth highland farmer. She’s the rebellious daughter of Hollywood royalty. They might seem like they’re from different worlds, but that won’t stop them from engaging in a marriage of convenience…

It’s been five years since Jared McCulloch’s grandfather Collum passed away and he inherited his farm in the Scottish Highlands. After his grandad saved him from his past life, Jared is determined to honor Collum’s legacy. But not only has a series of bad luck put him in danger of losing the farm, his estranged father is disputing the will. In a desperate situation, Jared realizes he’ll do just about anything to save the land.

Even marrying Allegra Howard, a woman he’s avoided at all costs.

A woman who tempts him beyond reason.

There’s only one place that makes Allegra Howard feel safe; one place that feeds her artist’s soul. Allegra wants to settle down in Scotland and expand her business. But there’s a hitch: immigration intends to return her to US soil.

Panicked, Allegra finds the one person just as desperate as she is. The same person she’s lusted after for years. In exchange for marrying her, she’ll invest financially in Jared McCulloch’s farm.

However, living together only forces them to acknowledge their searing mutual attraction. And with it comes an undeniable emotional connection Jared’s not sure he’s ready for.

Yet, blurring the lines of their arrangement is the least of his concerns when someone begins terrorizing the farm.

Allegra and Jared came together to save what matters most and now that might just be each other. And unless they can figure out which of their pasts has returned to torment them, they could lose their chance at a real future together...

Chasing Wild by Kristen Proby - ARC Review & Release Blitz

Summer Quinn’s life changed five years ago when she walked in on her boyfriend and her best friend in bed together. She silently left, ghosting both of them, and never looked back. She came to Bitterroot Valley, looking for a fresh start, and that’s exactly what she got.

After purchasing the local floral shop from her eccentric aunt and finding herself again in the absolute delight she brought to the community, Summer feels welcome and safe in her new home.

But things have started to happen. At first, she could blow it off as bad luck, or kids starting trouble. But then the bad luck turns into serious, life-threatening incidents that can’t be ignored.

Bitterroot Valley is Chase Wild’s town. His family settled the area almost a hundred and fifty years ago, and as a police officer, Chase takes pride in keeping his community safe. Sure, he’s had his eye on the gorgeous florist since she moved to town, but he’s kept his relationship with her strictly professional.

Now, someone’s trying to scare Summer. She claims she doesn’t know why, but Chase is determined to get to the bottom of it and drive the danger out of his town. As time passes, and the more he gets to know Summer, the harder it is to keep his hands off of the beautiful woman. With their connection growing, he’s falling in love with her and will do anything to keep her safe.

As Chase learns the truth of who is threatening Summer, will he be able to protect her, and will their love withstand the challenges ahead?

Chasing Wild is a standalone, contemporary romance novel, and book two in the picturesque Wilds of Montana series.

When I Had You by S. L. Scott - ARC Review & Release Blitz

His mere proximity causes my heart to beat wildly in my chest.

When I Had You, an all-new single dad, enemies to lovers, sports romance from New York Times bestselling author S.L. Scott is now available!

Cash Ryatt is a distraction.

When I Had You, an all-new single dad, enemies to lovers, sports romance from New York Times bestselling author S.L. Scott is now available!

Cash Ryatt is a distraction.

It’s no secret the bad boy race car driver has built a reputation from two things. Winning and fu—front-page headlines. I’ve read he’s the best at both, but I have no intention of finding out firsthand.

I have my own plans, and they don’t include making the gossip sites as his next one-night stand. My three older brothers, his bosses, would never stand for it anyway.

So, how did I find myself daydreaming about the one man I’ve been forbidden from dating?

His mere proximity causes my heart to beat wildly in my chest.

My knees go weak when his eyes find mine across the track.

But it’s the way he kisses me as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist that has me falling into his playboy trap.

I finally surrender to temptation, but only for one night, and for the record, there was no standing involved except against a door that got in our way.

But no deed goes unpunished. No matter how good we are together. He’s given an ultimatum. Will he take his last chance to win the world championship or follow his heart and race back to me?

Monday, April 29, 2024

The 12th Annual Mental Health Awareness Month Book Fundraiser - Benefiting the Keith Milano Memorial Fund



📚 💚 Welcome the 12th Annual Mental Health Awareness Month Book Fundraiser benefiting the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 📚 💚

Here is how you can help raise money and awareness for mental health:

📗 Purchase a book from the amazing books listed below! We hope you will #1click4charity a number of these amazing books! The portion of sales is from ANY platform: digital, print, and audio.

📗If you have read one of the wonderful stories included, gift a copy to a friend who might love it!

📗 Share the image below or any of the custom photos the participating authors share on social media to raise awareness and to show your support.

📗 In this digital age, COMMENTS are currency so as you see these images PLEASE Comment

📗 Make a tax-deductible donation directly to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Thank you in advance for your support as we work to bring mental illness out of the darkness.




📚 💚 Participating Books 📚 💚

Book (hyperlinked)

Alison G Bailey

Aly Stiles

Aria Wyatt

Brenda Rothert

Carly Phillips

Carrie Ann Ryan
Inked Persuasion

Cindy Tanner

Grace Kerina

Ginger Scott

Jami Davenport

Jeannie Moon

Jennifer Probst

Hazel James
Order Stickers (not a book)

Helena Hunting

Lawrence Sprung

Leylah Attar

Melanie Harlow

Melanie Moreland

Natasha Madison

Piper Rayne

Sawyer Bennett

Sierra Simone

Willow Winters


This year, thanks to Hazel James, we are also honored to offer stickers that benefit the fund!


Order Here


Keith Milano Memorial Fund

140 Adams Ave, Suite B-12
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Watch to learn more about the Milano Sprung Family’s mission

Connect with the Keith Milano Memorial Fund on Social:

FB-150x150.png x-150x150.png

If you want to support the cause you can make a Direct Donation




If you or someone you know are struggling here are resources:

American Foundation for Suicide Preventions, Cope Notes, 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline



Information about the Keith Milano Memorial Fund:

The Keith Milano Memorial Fund was established to help raise awareness about the devastating and deadly disease that is mental illness. Keith’s spirit and laughter are kept alive through our efforts to increase awareness about mental illness and to raise money for education and imperative research. Keith often struggled with society’s perception of mental illness. Our hope is that by having the strength to say that Keith was “Bipolar” we can strip away the stigma and help others to be more open about their disease.

Watch to learn more about the Milano Sprung Family’s mission

The Keith Milano Memorial Fund benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). At the end of the event, participating authors pay AFSP directly.

AFSP is the only national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide. AFSP is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization incorporated in the state of Delaware with primary offices in New York City. Federal tax ID # is 13-3393329.


💚  if you have read all the way to the bottom of this post please know are beyond grateful for the support