About Booked All Night

Hi! We are so glad to have you here.  Each and every one of you matter so much to us, and we are thrilled that you take the time to check us out and read what we have to say about the books we love!

Booked All Night is co-owned by Melissa and Laura.  We love to read and sharing our favorite books with people is the reason we started this blog.

We only share about books we have loved, or have read.  If you see a post on the blog, you can be certain that it is one, or both of us, genuinely recommending the title to you.

About Melissa:

My love of reading started as a little girl and as I grew, so did my love of reading.  I can still remember my Grandma getting her boxes of books from Harlequin and wondering when I'd be old enough to read what she was reading.  I read my first Nora Roberts book at 11 and fell in love with the romance genre.

I'm a fast reader who always has a book, or three, in progress on my kindle.  I also love audio books-which are the perfect companion while I work from home in the evenings.  Reading is a passion for me-it makes me laugh, cry and swoon.  There's little I enjoy more than curling up with my kindle and getting lost in a story.

About Laura:

I love to read, and have been a reader all my life.  I used to stay up, with a flashlight (you know, in the old days before backlit Kindles) and read long after I was supposed to be in bed, asleep.  My parents knew this, but couldn't figure out the appropriate parenting response to tell their child to stop reading.

I am always in the middle of at least one book, and often more than one. Reading is my escape, my way to pass the time, and my way to explore things that I likely won't in real life.

I have no idea when I read my first romance, but my mom reads them, and we have been known to trade paperbacks and recommendations of ones we particularly loved.

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