Review Policy

Reviews are posted on the main blog page and Goodreads.

 A review of your title is not guaranteed, even if we accept/request the ARC.  If we choose not to review your title on the blog, we will contact the person who furnished the ARC and advise them.
Reviews on retail platforms are not guaranteed; reviews will generally not be posted until after the review has been posted to the blog page.

We do not post reviews on Amazon.  While we understand that Amazon is important to authors, and reviews on Amazon increase the visibility of books on the platform, we are not willing to lose our ability to review those purchases we make in "real life".  This is policy is non-negotiable.

This policy will not be altered, regardless of the information collected on any blog tour or promo company sign up form.

1 and 2 Star Reviews-Posting and Blog Tours

We believe the only way for our readers to trust us is for them to know we are honest and that, if we say we enjoyed a book, we did.

For this reason, ALL reviews are posted on Goodreads and/or Bookbub; only reviews 3 Stars and above will be featured on blog tours. 

As we generally update Goodreads as we finish a title, it is possible a 2.5 Stars or lower review/rating will appear prior to publication date. We do not believe it is fair to our readers to hold negative reviews for any length of time. 

We will not post spoilers in our reviews.  If you see a review of your title and feel it contains spoilers, please contact us to discuss and we will work with you to remove the areas you feel are spoilers without losing the integrity of the review. 

If you feel a review of your work is unfair, you are welcome to reach out to us.  However, a review is a subjective opinion and, as such, it is likely we will stand by our review and rating.

Laura & Melissa

***Please note: Sending us the ARC, either personally or via your representative, will be seen as agreeing to the terms stated above.

**Updated 6-20-2020

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