ARC Policy

ARC Receipt Requirements:

We set review dates/request ARC titles based on our schedules. 

Once we have agreed to review your title, we ask that you have a review copy to us no later than 14 days prior to the agreed upon review date.  We are not able to promise the review will be posted on the previously agreed upon date if the ARC is received after this deadline. 

Please Note: If you are working with a tour/promo company and the decision is made to not provide us with a review copy, we will not be able to run any previously scheduled promo posts for your title on Booked All Night.  

While we understand not all blogs will receive all review titles, it is our strict policy not to promote titles we have not read.

We accept review requests per the information stated HERE:

***Please note: Sending us the ARC, either personally or via your representative, will be seen as agreeing to the terms stated above.

*Updated 3-12-2018