Copyright Policy

Booked All Night does not create or claim any intellectual property for any non Booked All Night branded images used on the blog.

Our candle logo has our name, ratings and other headers added. The original image is in color, ours has been made into black and white.

The image is available HERE:

Or here:

Any images of book covers or other graphics are provided by the publisher, PR company or directly from the author. Booked All Night publishes those graphics with the understanding that any necessary rights/approvals for the use of those graphics have been obtained prior to sending to blogs for inclusion in any promo.

If you see an image on our site that belongs to you and wish that we remove it, please contact us:



Thank you to Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash for the original photo used in our banner graphic.  (It's taken in Paris, France and his version is in color.)