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 IMPERFECT LOVE Kindle World, a fabulous new series featuring strong alpha heroes who get knocked sideways when they suddenly begin noticing the heroine in a whole new light. In partnership with Kendall Ryan & these amazing bestselling authors: Kelly Elliott, Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, T. Gephart, Kim Karr, Cora Kenborn, Magan Vernon & Natasha Madison. Sexy, laugh-out-loud funny, and sweet at times, this series is all about exploring romance tropes like friends to lovers, fake fiancé, arranged marriage, surprise pregnancy, budding office romances, and more, that all share one fabulous thing in common--they end in a happily ever after.   JOIN THE GROUP FOR ALL THE NEWS: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1071142436331446/


FAMED by Magan Vernon: 

On the heels of Mary James leaked sex tape - totally a fake one to make her boyfriend jealous she might add- she needs some PR help if she ever wants her acting career to end up in a fiery hell like her love life. Chris Garcia has been working his way up from mail room clerk to junior associate at Tate & Cane and now to get to the next rung of the corporate ladder he has to take on the firm's toughest client: Mary James. With a little help from a nosey Aunt Rosita and Mama Garcia, the two decide the best way to move forward is simple: a fake relationship. But what happens when something fake gets to be too real and FAME gets involved?


I've enjoyed work from this author before and was excited to see Famed as part of the Imperfect Love Kindle World. This short story had me chuckling in spots-particularly with some meddling family members.

I had a hard time connecting with Mary James initially-and since this is a novella I really wanted to like her immediately. I found her to be a bit over the top in the beginning but given her profession I could deal with it. I enjoyed Chris. I appreciated his work ethic and the fact that he'd been moving up the ranks at the office steadily. He had a bit of a player past, but it wasn't delved into in depth.

There's no denying that these two have chemistry. You feel it the instant that they meet. But they're both wary of it for different reasons, which I liked. They each had issues to work through before figuring out if this fake relationship could actually be a real one.

The fake relationship trope is one I'm a fan of-and I think the author did a good job with it here. Chris's family had me laughing and cringing with their bluntness but that helped add a touch of realism to the story here and I appreciated that. I enjoyed this novella and it's addition to the Imperfect Love Kindle World. I would recommend it.


One-Night Stand-In - T. Gephart 

Sarah Madison loved working at Tate & Cane Enterprises. While she looked and, for the most part, acted conservatively—she was a gladiator in the boardroom. The fast-paced, energetic work environment not only fed her need for corporate blood but also allowed her to work for one of her role models, Olivia Cane—living proof a woman really can have it all. And after months of paying her dues, she was finally offered the promotion she’d been vying for. Which was great, except for the fact she had to share the position with a new guy they brought in especially for the role. Kyle Drake was smart, experienced, and probably just as good, if not better, in negotiations. And if she wasn’t careful, prove he could do the job without her. Add in good-looking and an incredibly sexy smooth talker, and everyone in the office either wanted to be him or sleep with him. Which Sarah could have totally ignored if he hadn’t been the stranger she’d married in Vegas during a fake ceremony six months earlier. He was supposed to be her one-night stand, a stand-in for a ceremony that wasn’t even legally binding. They were never even going to see each other again. Hell, she apparently hadn’t even known his real last name at the time. It was the only time she’d ever done something completely reckless and spontaneous. It figured that one time would come back and bite her where it hurt. 


I really enjoyed reading about Sarah and Kyle in One-Night Stand-In.  I thought this was a fun spin on a fake relationship story-after all it's just for one night.  But when Kyle gets transferred to New York and winds up working with Sarah? Let the real fun begin.

This story starts out hot and then backs down slightly to a simmer-which made it all the more fun when things came back up to a boil.  I sympathized with Sarah-I mean, how could I not with the hand she'd been dealt? As a reader I wanted her to succeed-both in and out of the boardroom.  I thought she was smart, sassy and sharp.

Kyle-well Kyle was definitely hot.  He's smart and sexy and running into Sarah wasn't part of his plans again, but he's more than willing to make it work.  Leaving his own past behind he's determined to start fresh and is not about to let Sarah prevent that.

These two had such chemistry. I just loved it.  This book was a fun addition to the Imperfect Love Kindle World and I absolutely recommend it.


Sarah and Kyle were a lot of fun.

One of the challenges in the shorter novels is creating a character you relate to who you are then invested enough in to want to see what happens. And, I think we can all relate to just wanting something to be easy, to have a memory to go over the bad ones you can't escape. So, Sarah "marries" Kyle, as her stand in for the wedding she was planning.

Never to see him again.

Or so she thought. And, isn't life just like that? The things you think will be major and the small, one- time (or one night) decisions have lasting repercussions....and then you have to work with them. In the job you love. Because, this really is life.

Do I think that this could happen in real life? Meh. Occasionally, life is weird. And funny. And, a good basis for a book about something that maybe could happen.

This was a short book, so it moves quickly from point to point, and there is a lot of time skipped, but overall I enjoyed it.

I recommend this title.




Becoming the new Marketing Manager at Tate and Cane was a game changer. I was hell bent on proving I deserved this job, and that it wasn’t my cousin Sterling Quinn who had helped me score the new job title. Him being one of the CEO’s best friend—didn’t help the rumors. Well screw that. Ten years of sweat and hard work was the reason I was sitting in a large corner office with a killer Manhattan view. More focused than I’d ever been, it was time to take the bull by the horns. And God help the person who stood in in my way. ******** Things I left behind in Seattle, Washington: A promising career at a top marking firm, the past I was desperate to escape, and obviously my sense of direction. It was because of all of those reasons I was standing in the middle of New York City lost and cursing at my phone. If I didn’t get to Tate and Cane soon, I wouldn’t only be late, but also blow the chance to make the good impression on my new boss, Mason Quinn. And I needed that more than anything. One wrong turn, an unfortunate collision, and an expensive suit drenched in my soy chia tea latte was not how I wanted to start my first day. Then there was the other little problem I had. The drop dead gorgeous man whose suit I’d ruined was my new boss. And boy did he look pissed.



 I was rich, single, and connected, which meant a steady diet of beautiful women wherever I went. I really did think I had the perfect life. Until I went and married a supermodel I’d just met, and everything changed. Of course there were choices. But the word annulment meant giving her up, and I never give up anything. Still, I was a bachelor at heart, and having a wife, well, I didn’t really know what to do with that. After only forty-eight hours of marriage, I had already gone and screwed everything up. Now I have thirty days to prove to my new wife that I’m husband material. There’s only one problem—I don’t even know what husband material means. However, I’m certain that won’t stop me from excelling at it. My wife tells me it isn’t going to be easy. That I have numerous issues to overcome. First, there’s my jealousy. It needs to be tamed. Did I flip over the fact that her latest picture was causing men around the world to do dirty things all over the covers she graced? Hell, yes. I couldn’t help myself though. When her photo went viral, my caveman instincts kicked in, and I demanded she quit her job and stay home—barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen. I can work on that, right? Then there’s my mother. I need to convince her that my new wife is not the money hungry floozy she called her. Did my mother actually call her that? Yes. I can’t help it that my mother wants me to get rid of my new wife. The problem is what my mother wants, she always gets one way or another. Still, turning my mother’s opinion around can’t be that hard, can it? There are many other issues, but according to my new wife, those are minor compared to the biggest one—she says I will never be able to accept being tied down. Don’t worry—I got this one. I intend to prove to her in no uncertain terms that being tied up, down, or horizontal is just what this Upper East Sider needs.


I really enjoyed this book.  James and Lindsay caught me from the moment the book begins.  I thought this was fresh, fun and hot.

I felt the instant connection between these two.  I believed in it, completely.  That instant connection grows into something else entirely-and this author made me believe in that for them, too.  Instant lust is easy to portray and believe, but watching these characters navigate their way after deciding to make their marriage work pulled at my heartstrings a bit.  There's an easier alternative for both of them but they don't choose to take that route and instead find themselves on a whole new journey-and I liked that.

There was a bit of drama from family members-which is expected.  I did have a hard time with some of the other issues that were brought up; I won't mention because I don't want to spoil anything, but my problem was that the issues were glossed over.  I know this is a shorter book but there were some things I still wanted to see further explained.

I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to others!


I enjoyed this book, overall. I loved the first meeting with James and Lindsay, and the attraction that you feel immediately. It works, and you understand why they felt compelled to act as they did. The quick marriage, you can understand that they were swept away with the emotion. And, most important, you believe that they are headed to a happily ever after, to believe that they can make it work.

As it is a shorter book, there is not a lot of time to really explore things. And, because of this, while I found the reaction of his family, and specifically his mother, to be likely realistic, it was too much for the story and, in my opinion, messed up the pacing a little bit.

I think there was enough in just watching them try to work things out without adding into it the tension from outside of the relationship. If it was a longer book, this would work better, as there would also be enough time to resolve it. And, the resolution to this issue was quick enough that it felt like it was just tossed into the story.

I did enjoy this overall and I do recommend this title.



Battle of the Sexes Adriana Locke 

Carver Jones’ partner at Jones + Gallum had to step down for medical reasons. He’s absolutely devastated. He swears. Just ignore his cheeky grin, okay? When word reaches his fancy corner office that Gallum is replacing himself with his daughter, Amity, Carver is ecstatic. For real this time. Jones squashes men in the business industry flat. A woman? Pfst. He’ll be completely in charge in no time, doing whatever he wants. He’s so ready for this. But is he ready to fight the hardest fight of his life? No, not the one to maintain control of his company. The one to keep control of his heart. The battle may begin in the boardroom, but the war will definitely be won in the bedroom. May the best sex win.        

I'm a fan of Adriana Locke so when I realized she'd written a book that was going to be part of the Imperfect Love Kindle World I jumped at the chance to sign up for it. Overall, this was a quick read that was a bit lighter than I anticipated, but I did enjoy it.

I liked Carver and Amity. I liked their shared history and their backstory was believable. There's little details tossed in about them growing up together that had me sighing in spots and then groaning in frustration in other spots. But I liked the idea that they were friends, then not, then became so much more.

There's absolutely tension between these two and I understood there would be right from the start. That being said, there wasn't as much tension as I expected there to be from the title and blurb. I was expecting a little more bite between them-but what they lacked in tension they made up for in chemistry. Their sexy times were definitely sexy; which is something I've come to expect and enjoy from this author.

This was a quick read for me and I did enjoy it. I would recommend this title.

Carver and Amity had great potential and decent chemistry. Unfortunately, it never totally worked for me. It wasn't bad, not at all, it just was never quite what I was hoping for.

The idea that they were competing for the position of CEO, well, that fell a little flat for me, as I never really believed there was realistically much competition and I was not at all surprised by the resolution of this.

And, that really summed up the book for me, there was not much that was a surprise. Their relationship was, well, not a surprise and it progressed pretty much as I was expecting.

This was a shorter novella and in the Kindle Worlds, so I know it was not going to be as developed as a longer story, but I felt that the parts that were covered were not quite covered as well as I would have liked.

Again, not bad, it just felt like the story glossed over the surface without really touching down in the relationship, and the drama, that should have existed with Carver and Amity.

I do recommend this book, but as a light read and not really the "battle" that you are expecting.




UNSUPERVISED by Cora Kenborn Niall 

A non-existent love life, unstable paycheck, and a six-year-old who’d rather hit boys than books sound more like a cry for help than a dating profile. On paper, it would seem like I need a life coach, but I’ve managed to get a decent grip on the single-dad thing. My love life, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. With my sexy Irish accent, I should have women of all ages losing their minds, but I seem to attract only a certain type—crazy. The last thing I want is a new relationship, but I need a date for my company’s charity function. A chance meeting with a tall, leggy blonde who looks like she could use a night out is the perfect solution. Beautiful, sane, and she has a kid? We have a winner. I didn’t count on Laken being unforgettable. Unlike all the other fake women I’ve met in this city, she’s real. And if there’s one thing I value more than anything, it’s honesty. Laken I didn’t bust my ass in college to be a nanny. Unfortunately, a 4.0 GPA and sucking up to the owner’s sister did nothing to secure a coveted Tate & Cane Enterprises internship. I’m not proud of being a nanny-for-hire to get my foot in the door, but my wealthy socialite employer has the ears of company executives. Swallowing my pride, I do what I need to—until an afternoon at the park changes everything. I don’t mean to let him think Preston is my kid, but he just assumes. This isn’t me. I’m not a liar. Although his panty-melting accent does unspeakable things to me, I should set the record straight. There’s only one problem. Niall is a freelance photographer for Tate & Cane and invites me to a company event as his plus-one. He’s my “in.” If I can hold on to this charade long enough, I can get the job and the man of my dreams. I’m winging this completely unsupervised. Game on.


TWISTED by Mandi Beck 

Three friends walk into a bar . . . One walks out the fake girlfriend of a hot, bearded Scotsman. Fannin McGuire is up for promotion at Tate and Cane Enterprises, but first she has to make it through her stepsister’s wedding. To Fannin’s ex. Yep. Her ex-fiancé is about to be her new brother-in-law. One big happy family. And lucky her, she also gets to work with him. While Fannin is putting all of her energy into her career, her ex is putting all of his energy into making her life hell. Just when Fannin is sure she’ll be attending the wedding without a plus one, in walks Jasper James to save the day. He’s the bartender at the Iron Flask, the account she’s trying to land, and everything she didn’t know she needed or wanted. Before Fannin knows what’s happening, Jasper is playing knight in shining armor and she likes it. And him. A lot. With his smooth Scottish accent, ridiculously good looks, and that beard? She doesn’t stand a chance. Jasper isn’t in the habit of rescuing anyone. But when Fannin is confronted by her ex about her lack of a date for his upcoming nuptials, Jasper can’t help but step in. Her wild hair, violet eyes, and killer legs have him doing a few things he normally wouldn’t. Never mind that he shouldn’t be getting involved with the woman in charge of making the bar a global success. Their fake relationship becomes more real than either thought it would. Now they’re at the mercy of their feelings when truths are twisted, and the lies don’t taste as smooth as the whisky.


CHEEKY by Natasha Madison 

Bradley Fitch has it all. A suave job, a gigantic trust fund, and an accent that makes panties drop faster than the speed of light. His new life in New York City is fast-paced and furious, but it's nothing a little getaway can't cure. What says party and unwind like Las Vegas? Nothing. Plus, whatever happens there has to stay there. When his best friend bails, he finds himself sitting on the plane next to his best friend's sister. She’s off-limits—proverbial caution tape wrapped around her body. Of course, she’s also totally ball busting gorgeous. Lexi Quinn fell in love with Bradley at eight years old and then vowed to kill him at eight and a half. What was supposed to be a romantic week away is turning into a nightmare. Her ex is actually married, her luggage is lost, and her reservation is cancelled. And she's sitting next to the man she swore to hate forever One week. No strings attached. What is the worst that could happen? It's all fun and games till this British bad boy gives new meaning to BBC and becomes a little bit too cheeky.    


This book was a ridiculously fun read. I love, love, love books where the hero falls for his best friend's sister and Natasha Madison didn't disappoint with this. I adored Bradley and Lexi.

I laughed out loud at poor Lexi's predicament but it gave Bradley the perfect opportunity to be her knight in shining armor. It gave them the perfect opening and opportunity to act on something that they wouldn't normally do-and after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? There are other moments in this book that had me laughing-such as some drunken texts-and that just made these two characters all the more real to me.

The spark between these two melted my kindle. Their sexy times were sexy and their sweet times were sweet. I did have a moment where I had to shake my head at one of them (I'm looking at you, Bradley) but I understood why certain events had to take place.

The writing here is sharp and witty. I liked how this book fit into the Imperfect Love Kindle World. This is definitely a short, fun read that I will go back to again and one I will recommend.

I enjoyed this, a lot. The chemistry between Bradley and Lexi was amazing, and it was also a lot of fun. The situations were clever, and the reason they were staying in the same hotel, and in Vegas alone were mostly plausible. The author had to get them there somehow, and I believed most of their reactions and the things that happened to them.

There were so many points in the book where I was laughing, and smiling, and sympathizing with the characters (especially Lexi and her reaction to Bradley's idiocy at the end of the story) and genuinely enjoying them. I definitely saw the attraction, and the reason for the attraction...and i loved that their story went back to when they were kids.

As this was a shorter book within the Kindle Worlds, it wasn't a fully developed story. There just isn't time, and while I understand that, I can't rate it a 5...although after reading this one, I can say I wish this was a full length read, as it would have been even better than the shorter one we got in this.

That said, I enjoyed this one. I like the author and I have enjoyed every one of her books that I have read.

I recommend this title.



A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

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