Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Girl in the Love Song by Emma Scott - Release Blitz

At Santa Cruz Central High School, they called them the misfits, the outcasts, the weirdos. But most of us knew them as the Lost Boys…

The Girl in the Love Song, book one in the Lost Boys, an interconnected coming-of-age series of standalones, from USA Today bestselling author Emma Scott, is live!

Miller Stratton is a survivor. After a harrowing childhood of poverty, he will do anything it takes to find security for himself and his mom. He’s putting all his hopes and dreams in the fragile frame of his guitar and the beauty he creates with its strings and his soulful voice. 

Until Violet. 

No one expects to meet the love of their life at age thirteen. But the spunky rich girl steals Miller’s heart and refuses to give it back. 

Violet McNamara’s life hasn’t been as simple as it looks. Her picture-perfect family is not so perfect after all. Her best friend Miller is her one constant and she is determined not to ruin their friendship with romantic complications. 

But the heart wants what it wants. As Miller’s star begins to rise to stratospheric heights, what will it take for Violet to realize that she’s the girl in all of his love songs?

I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, I really wasn't. For a couple of reasons: 1. I don't usually read NA/YA titles as I don't usually enjoy them (personal preference, nothing more) and 2 This is my first title by Emma Scott. I am not actually sure why this is, and it's definitely not for any particular reason.

That said, this book grabbed me from the beginning. There was something so real, so honest, about Violet and Miller and their emotions that I found myself relating to them and wanting to get to know them better. Luckily, there was an entire book for me to do just that.

I loved so much about this book, so much. And, it all feels like a spoiler to mention it in this review. There is angst, but it feels realistic. There is drama but it's the kind of drama that pulls you in because, at it's core, it feels like real life.

It's also pretty obvious that the author's personal experiences gave this book a really stunning emotional depth. And, I am not saying that this isn't true for other books, or even for other authors as writing is so personal that of course your personal life makes it's way to the page...but this book does it in such a way that you FEEL the tension and, at least for me, I was terrified to see what decision a character was going to make. (Sorry, vague because no spoilers here.)

I absolutely loved and recommend this title.

The Girl in the Love Song features two original songs written by Emma herself.

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Emma Scott is an internationally bestselling author whose books have been featured in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, New York Daily News and USA Today's Happy Ever After. She writes emotional, character-driven romances in which art and love intertwine to heal, and in which love always wins. If you enjoy emotionally-charged stories that rip your heart out and put it back together again, with diverse characters and heroes with a heart of gold, you will enjoy her novels.

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