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Dirty Filthy Rich Love by Laurelin Paige
Release Date: September 11th


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I’ve discovered Donovan Kincaid’s secret.
It’s dirty and filthy and rich – as dirty and filthy and rich as he is – and it haunts me as much as he ever did.
Even after knowing what I know now, I still want to talk to him, to touch him. But there’s an ocean between us, and I’m not sure it can be crossed with something as easy as a phone call or a plane ride.
Yet I’m willing to try.
He doesn’t know this yet, but this time I’m the one with the power. And maybe – just maybe – if the air were cleared and all our secrets bared, there could still be a chance for us.
And this dirty, filthy thing between us might end up being love after all.


Laurelin Paige writes about heroes who are dark, imperfect, flawed. The ones who scare you just a little, who make you feel safe while a little afraid, who keep you on your toes. But, at the same time, powerful, compelling, and sexy. Men who love their women, and the women they are with know it. Men who live by their own moral code, and once you know this, you know who they are, as they are strong and will keep to this code at all costs.

Her women are strong, they know what they want, and they are allowed to be both feminine and intelligent, successful women without having to pick, to be one or the other. They like sex, they aren't ashamed of their sexuality, and they are not willing to be seen just as sex objects. They know what they want, what their boundaries are, what they will accept, and what they can't handle.

This is not a standalone. You need to have read Dirty Filthy Rich Men. And, while not technically necessary, I recommend you have read Dirty Filthy Rich Boys, as there is a lot that happens in that book that is referenced in the prequel novella.

I love that the hero and the heroine, Donovan and Sabrina, in this book, as well as the others in the series, are allowed to be complicated. They are flawed. The best part for me? They are still flawed at the end, they are allowed to be less than perfect.

There are things about Donovan that are dark and twisty, that make him a man who isn't going to be the right fit for a lot of women.

Sabrina, however, loves him just as he is. She accepts him, and she understands who he is, and who he needs to be...and she lets him be that person. Without question, even when it makes her a little uncomfortable.

There is a scene in Weston's office (that is all you get, no spoilers here) and after it, there is an action by Donovan and a realization by Sabrina...and that is it. It doesn't come up again...Donovan is who he is, Sabrina accepts him for that, and she is ok with it. In fact, reading it, I think I was more caught up by the realization of the implication of his actions than she was...and there are a lot of little pieces like this in the book as the reader really gets to know the Donovan we met at the end of the 1st book.

Romance, really, is about that at it's core. About finding the one person who accepts who you are, the good, the bad, the secrets and the things you maybe aren't the most proud of. Her heroes and heroines are flawed, and she doesn't shine them up at the end. You like them, but they aren't necessarily "redeemed" and I find this so compelling.

Often, the flawed character is "healed" by the romance. You know, the man who leaves all women, the man who can't commit, the woman who doesn't want the relationship...they are meet their perfect partner and are fixed. Because, that is what is expected...that by the end, the reader is in the fairy tale that has been created, the perfection that has been crafted, by the redemption of the romance.

When Ms. Paige tells a story, the characters get a similar "redemption" but instead of meeting the person who fixes them (so to speak) they meet the person who accepts them, who allows them to feel that who they are, and what they need, is ok. That there is a person out there who isn't going to judge, or walk away when things are too dark.

The ending of this book was perfection. Crafted brilliantly to not only bring the story to an end it needed to have, but to do so in such a way that they get their happily ever after while still being Donovan and Sabrina.

This book showcases wonderfully one of Ms. Paige's strongest talents; her character development. She writes characters who change, who grow, who evolve, who are different people than they were at the beginning of the book. But, the changes are done in such a way that there is never a moment when you feel the need to question whether the author has lost sight of who the character actually is. This is a major talent when you look at the plot and realize how much has happened.

I love all romance, they are all fun in their own ways. Sometimes, it is great to read a light, fun, flirty book.

But, for those other times, when you want something dirtier and filthier, that just might need a safe word, I recommend this title.

Wow. Just wow. I've been waiting for this book since finishing the first book in this duet, Dirty Filthy Rich Men and I was so not disappointed. This is definitely not a standalone so make sure you've read Dirty Filthy Rich Men (and I recommend Dirty Filthy Rich Boys as well) before diving in to this superb read.

I was in love with these characters from the first book. I craved this book the way these characters crave each other. I wanted to get inside them more, find out what made them tick and behave the way they did. This book gave me all of that.

Donovan broke my heart-more than once-but I loved him for it every single time. He isn't perfect. At all. But he doesn't need to be. His flaws are what make him so sexy to me-and to Sabrina. He's smart, smooth, calculating and ruthless. He knows what he wants and how to get it-or so he thinks.

Sabrina is such a strong, sassy, smart woman...who has her own share of flaws. I GOT her. This is a woman who knew her own mind, who knew what she wanted from a relationship and figured out how to make that work. I loved seeing her respond to Donovan.

There's an undeniable chemistry between these characters. The connection is intense, and might not be for everyone. But it's insanely hot and it works for them. This love is Donovan and Sabrina, raw and real, and it was incredible.

The supporting cast of characters does just that-supports. I'm intrigued enough by them to WANT them to all have their own story but they in no way took away from the focus of this book. This author has a way of making you intrigued by every character without taking away from the hero and heroine.

The pacing of this book was spot on. The book never dragged, it never felt rushed. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. I NEEDED to get through it. When I finished? I wanted to start all over again. This romance is deep, dark, erotic. But it's Donovan and Sabrina, and I LOVED it. This is a book I'll go back and reread over and over. I absolutely loved it and would recommend this title.

He took another step toward me, and I started to step back, but there was a counter behind me, so I had to stay put. And maybe I wanted to stay put. He was only a foot and a half away from me now.
“But I haven’t lied to you, Sabrina.” His gaze never left mine. “And I’m not lying when I say I don’t give a fuck about anybody else’s cunt but yours.”
We stood there, not touching, not speaking, each of us standing our ground. But I had no basis to keep my position, and it felt like he’d won so much already.
I couldn’t back down.
“Prove it,” I said.
His expression flared, his eyes growing dark and mean, and I realized what I’d done. Donovan wasn’t one to be provoked.
I’d just invited the devil out to play.
“Unzip your skirt and put your hands on the counter behind you.”
My heart hammered and my belly twisted. My panties were embarrassingly drenched all of a sudden, and I wanted him. But I stood completely still. “I didn’t—”
He cut me off. “No talking and unzip your skirt.”
My mouth slammed shut, but I still didn’t move. If I moved, I’d be asking for this. But if I talked, I’d be telling him to stop.
And I didn’t want this to stop.
I just didn’t want to ask for it because I was stubborn and stupid for wanting him in the first place.
But he would give it to me without the words, without my obedience. Because he knew me. He knew what I needed.
With his eyes never leaving mine, he found the zipper at the side of my waist and pulled it down. After that, the skirt was loose enough that all he had to do was tug it once and it fell easily to my feet. He nudged his knee against my inner leg, and automatically I stepped that foot out of the pool of material on the floor, widening my stance.
He gave a nod of praise, sending a jolt of warmth through my entire body.
Then he bent down in front of me.
Suddenly, breathing was harder than it should have been. My chest moved up and down, air passed through my mouth, but I couldn’t get enough of it to my lungs.
And he hadn’t even touched me yet.
The sight of him alone—Donovan Kincaid, one of the most powerful men in the world, down on his knees in his black Ermenegildo Zegna suit—it was overwhelming and erotic, and by the time he put his hand at the back of my knee, I was already trembling.


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