Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hollywood Princess by Natasha Madison-Review Blast


Behind the "lights, camera, action" of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction. Are you ready for Hollywood Royalty? Kellie An Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, a Grammy—she has them all. She's the most sought-after woman in Hollywood. Even if her rise to fame was a fluke, you can't deny the camera loves her. The problem is so does everyone else, and she's about to leave on the biggest concert tour of her life. Headlining for the first time in five years. Around the world in ninety days. Should be a piece of cake. Until her new security detail walks in the room and she’s looking into the eyes of the only man who didn’t fall for her charm. It's only a matter of time till he falls for Hollywood's Princess. 


Kellie is a rising musical sensation...with a stalker. Which, is a little inconvenient when she is about to set out on a tour. Yes, fans are sometimes a little crazy, but this one takes it far enough that her managers are afraid he may harm her.

Kellie is less convinced and is definitely resistant to the idea...until she sees who is assigned to protect her. And, well, this is the man she has wanted for years, but who has turned her down.

Brian is in charge of keeping Kellie safe. It's his job and he takes it very seriously. He's also attracted to her...which is a conflict when they are alone in close quarters, hotel rooms, tour busses and in pretty much any other situation that they find themselves alone together.

The tension between them is perfection. You feel it jumping from the pages of this book. You feel for Brian, for the attraction he has been fighting since he met Kellie, and the fact that he feels he is not able to act on it and still do his job.

I love books that have the internal struggle that also has external origins...and in this case, the idea that if he gets involved with her, he may not be fully able to protect her gives an interesting depth to the characters. I love how torn he is, with wanting to be with her, to protect her, and struggling to see if it is possible to be successful with both.

The resolution of the stalker story was, in my opinion, a little obvious. But, at the same time, this is not the most important part of the story, so that this was not a surprise is not a big deal.

I enjoyed this title and I recommend it.

I've said it before, Hollywood books aren't usually my thing. This Author may just be changing my opinion of that! Hollywood Princess was a fast read for me-and I truly enjoyed it. I didn't want it to end!

I liked Kellie. I found her to be much more relatable than I expected, to be honest. She's a normal girl who happens to have some big dreams and has definitely had success in reaching them. She's honest, hard working and smart. She's sassy and definitely someone I could hang out with and just relax. I enjoyed learning more about her and cheered her on throughout the book.

Brian. Holy sexy bodyguard. If I needed protection I'd want someone like Brian at my back. Smart, tough and sexy. I loved, loved, loved watching fall for Kellie. I believed his reluctance and I believed in his acceptance of what she truly meant to him. It was a satisfying journey for me to witness.

I love the push and pull between these characters. I 100% believed in their attraction to one another and I looooved how they resolved that. I had to fan myself a couple times while reading this book!! Their relationship outside of the bedroom develops very well, and I liked seeing that dynamic to them as well.

This is a standalone novel for sure, but there are mentions of other characters that you'll recognize if you've read other books from this Author. I appreciate how well the stories can blend and yet stand on their own. I love getting to see glimpses of previous characters; it always makes me smile. But they don't take away from Brian and Kellie at all.

I was tired at times reading this book-not from the book itself but that's just how well it was written. The plot was done so well that I'm serious, I felt as tired as the characters must have felt roadtripping like they were! I felt like I was right along with them every step of the way.

Natasha Madison is an Author that I definitely enjoy and books like this remind me why that is. Hollywood Princess made me laugh, it made me sigh and I definitely, definitely swooned. I would recommend this book.

When her nose isn't buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she's in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It's a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn't listen to her...

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