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Dirty Sexy Games by Laurelin Paige-Blog Tour


The conclusion of the surprising love story begun in Dirty Sexy Player.

I didn't have a plan for him.

He was the means to an end, a workaround to the cruel terms of my father's will that would allow me to inherit his company.

I hadn't planned to fall for him.

I hadn't planned to enjoy every minute of our wedding, hadn't planned to gasp his name so many times that night, hadn't planned for the sexy games on our honeymoon.

He didn't plan for his secrets to come out.

And neither of us planned for heartbreak.

Darn those arranged marriages that actually turn into real feelings. Incredibly inconvenient when that happens. 

You just didn't plan for any of this, you haven't talked about the big stuff (kids, where you might see yourself living) or even the little things like allergies and musical choices. Your relationship is hot, there is chemistry (people have to believe you are really a couple, after all) and there is attraction that you act on...but the conversations you have when you meet someone? Nope, you don't have those, as it's not "real". I love the way this is handled, by the way. I won't tell you, as I am not mean, but it's a fun twist in the whole "pretend to be a couple" trope that makes it feel different and fresh.

So, when you realize you are in love with the man you married, and he feels the same about you, what the heck do you do? This was a sham, it had an end date, and there were no real feelings involved, so none of the hard decisions had to be made thinking of the other person.

I loved this aspect of Elizabeth and Weston's story. They had chemistry, and by the day of their wedding, they had love...but what they didn't have was any idea how they were supposed to make things work in order for them to go on from where they were (married) to actually having a real relationship. There are other major issues that are thrown at them, and while telling you would be a spoiler, I can say they are not small issues...they are the big, life changing ones that have the potential of ending a relationship that isn't serious.

I loved this book. I adored Weston and his sense of fun, and the joy he gets from life and also getting to see him be himself as an adult. heck, there is a point in the book where he comes to realize himself that this has happened...and, it makes it interesting to watch his character evolve. 

And, yet again, the hero in this book is pure perfection, but the heroine is strong, she is capable, she is more successful that the hero. I love that little shift in the expected balance of power. I also love that, while this is very much with the times, it's also something that is present in all of Ms. Paige's books. She enjoys her hot, slightly damaged, intense alpha males (the letter from Donovan at the end of this comes to mind here)...but she also makes sure that her women can hold their own. They aren't whiny, or afraid, or so in awe of the powerful males around them that they are not able to make their own decisions. This works so well for the time we are in now, and still feels authentic as this has been an element in all of the titles by this author.

I also appreciated that the solution to their rather difficult problem felt authentic. There are so many books out there where the author puts major obstacles in the way of the characters that seem to magically disappear with no issues or damage done to the relationship. This is not a concern in this one, as the issues feel real, they are big, and the resolution works.

Yet again, the book is by Laurelin Paige and I absolutely loved and recommend it.

I was so eagerly anticipating this book and was it ever worth the wait. This book had me laughing, sighing, shaking my head, near tears and overall? Swooning. These characters have definitely left a mark on me and I know I'll be reading this again and again.

This book is not a standalone, so if you're thinking of just jumping in, don't. Trust me, go back to the beginning and prepare yourself for one hell of a ride. You won't be disappointed.

Elizabeth and Weston don't have an easy journey. There's stumbling blocks and issues that arise that truly put them to the test. It was fascinating, and incredibly satisfying, to see how these two finally figured things out. Fake marriages that turn real are hard to pull off and I loved how this Author handled the situation.

These characters have grown on me. They've left an impact on me that I won't soon forget. They're both strong, smart and passionate. Their sexy times were sexy-I mean, this is Laurelin Paige we're talking about, my kindle definitely melted at times, but there was so much more going on than just the amazing sex and I loved it.

I believed this plot. The book moved really well and kept me hooked the entire time. I love this Author's writing style. If you haven't read one of her books before, go back to the first in this series and prepare to get sucked in. I know I did and I'm certainly not complaining. 

This is a book I'll go back and reread for sure. I enjoyed it from start to finish and would absolutely recommend it.


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As soon as we were in our suite, the bomb exploded, the bomb being Elizabeth. “We’re alone now, so just tell me straight. You knew I was always going to France. If you wanted to be with me, you had to know it would involve living there. Is that not something you’ll even consider? Is it Sabrina? Is it Reach? Is it Donovan? Because if it’s fucking Donovan who’s keeping you from—”

I grabbed her hands, which were flying in midair as she yelled, and pulled them behind her back at her waist as I cut her off with a searing kiss, my tongue plunging into her open mouth, robbing her of oxygen.

When she was thoroughly kissed, her lips pliable, her body sagging in my arms, I let her go.

“I’m tired, Elizabeth. I’m not discussing fucking anything tonight.” I took off my tuxedo jacket and threw it on the desk. Then I began working on my cufflinks. “What I think we both need now is to release some tension.”

Her spine straightened, her neck growing longer as she stared at me in shock. “You think we’re going to have sex now?”

I loved how she made it sound disgusting, like she wasn’t interested, even when I’d just been kissing her and had felt the lean in her body, had tasted the desire in her mouth.

Two could play the indifference game.

I shrugged. “I’m fucking someone tonight. If you want it to be you, you better take off your dress.”

Her mouth slammed shut, and she only seemed to consider it for two seconds before she was fumbling with the zipper at her back. She struggled with it, but I didn’t help her. It made me stiff to watch her frantically trying to strip down, just because I told her to. Just because she thought I might find a better offer if she didn’t.

Like there was a better offer than her.

Like there was anyone but her.

I didn’t take my eyes off her as I unbuttoned my vest and tossed it to the side with my jacket. I’d loosened my tie by the time she got her dress undone. It fell to the floor and she was left wearing a strapless corseted bra, one that had a low back so it couldn’t be seen with her dress on, and matching lace panties—both in a white ivory so virginal and bridal it seemed dirty.

Jesus, she was a fucking wet dream.

And she was my wife.


 With over 1.7 million books sold world wide, Laurelin Paige is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author. She is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She's also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn't do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.


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