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About the Book:

Katie Capwell is a bright and accomplished recent law school graduate, and she has her shiny future all mapped out.

Ryan Brincatt is a tattooed and impossibly cool martial artist, and he’s mastered a fierce roundhouse kick.

Their paths never should have crossed.

But on a whim, she signs up for kickboxing lessons with him. She never imagined that one decision would change absolutely everything.

When I saw the blurb for Maybe Someone Like You I thought, hmmm, I think I want to give this a try. This book was the first I've read from Stacy Wise and I'll definitely try other books from her in the future. Maybe Someone Like You was a slow burn romance, and overall I liked it.

I mostly liked Katie. She's a smart young woman in a bit of a flux when we meet her. I think everyone can relate to that at one point in their life or another. She's finding her own voice and I appreciated that. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the book.

Ryan was smoking hot. I'd be signing up for his class any day of the week. He's fun, sexy and exactly the type of guy Katie normally wouldn't date. I like that he knew who he was and was comfortable in his own skin.

These characters have chemistry...it just took a while for things to get moving. Friends to lovers is fine-and in fact, I happen to LOVE that trope, but this took a long time to get to the lovers portion. I was left wanting a bit more for them.

I enjoyed the writing of this book. I thought the dialogue was good and believable and the plot was authentic. It just moved along slower than I would have liked, so the pacing felt a bit off for me. Overall, I did enjoy the book and will definitely read this author again.


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Meet the Author:

Stacy Wise is the author of BEYOND THE STARS (Entangled Embrace, 2016) and MAYBE SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Entangled Embrace, 4/16/18). She has a B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA and a Masters in Teaching from Chapman University. She lives in California with her husband, four children, three dogs, and ever-changing number of fish.


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