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I’ve watched him for years. Every role. Every episode. He was every woman’s fantasy. The famous actor. Gorgeous. Charming. Perfection. Unattainable. Until he showed up at my front door. Wanting something from me. Something I wasn’t sure I could ever give. It wasn’t safe outside my bubble. So, I let him inside instead. All the way in. And once he was there, I wanted to keep him. Even if that meant risking everything. My safety. My anonymity. Even my heart. He thought he knew how the story would play out. But I was taking our love off script.

I wanted to like this book, I liked the characters and I liked Kaiti and Gavin together. I believed in their chemistry and their attraction to one another.

The supporting characters and the situations Gavin and Kaiti found themselves in with relation to the supporting characters were off to me, and I found myself questioning the reality of the plot in more than one place.

Unfortunately, I thought the pacing of the book was a little lopsided. Things that should have been chapters were paragraphs and things that seemed to take whole chapters could have been covered in a sentence. Time also jumped a lot and I thought some events would have taken much longer for the resolution to evolve than they did.

I didn't dislike the title, I just didn't feel like I was able to connect with it, except for the time spent with just Gavin and Kaiti, as that worked well. I do recommend this title overall.

Off Script was my first book from Anna Paige. I really was intrigued by the premise; it sounded fresh and fun so I thought I'd give it a go. Overall, I enjoyed it.

I liked our main characters. I thought Kaiti was funny and I thought she matched Gavin well. I like that she was initially hesitant about taking on this role-I think most people would be. I felt she was genuine and honestly relatable.

Gavin was exactly what I expected him to be. Hot, fun and sexy. Actor characters are a tough thing to portray sometimes; it can be difficult to know when they're being real or when they're simply acting. With Gavin, I knew. And I liked that.

These two worked well together. They were believable to me. They had good chemistry between them.

I didn't love the supporting characters in this book, and that bothered me. There is where things didn't seem quite as believable to me and I was sometimes left scratching my head. The pacing seemed a bit off to me as well, but that's just my opinion.

Overall, I did like this book. This is an author I will try again in the future. I recommend this title.

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“Longest. Day. Ever,” I murmured as I searched for a vending machine on my way out the door. Gavin was only a few steps behind me and his responding chuckle caused me to flip him off over my shoulder.
“I warned you, new girl.” His tone was mocking. The crew hadn’t been quick to remember my name so half of them had referred to me as ‘new girl’ all day, saying it like they genuinely thought it was my name.
“Bite me, Hollywood.”
“No more Mister?”
I shook my head, making a beeline for the bank of vending machines by the elevators. “Nope. I’ve lost all respect for you today, so you’re just plain Hollywood now.”
“Your words have the power to wound, and you’ve cut me deep.” He was pouring on the sarcasm.
“Not my fault you flubbed your lines almost as much as me. So professional of you.”
I stopped at one of the machines and started plunking in quarters, not caring what it spat out as long as it was cold and loaded with caffeine.
Gavin moved to lean against the humming machine, tilting his body at an angle and smiling that damn radiant smile of his. “We all have off days; today was one of mine.”
I ignored him until half of my ice-cold beverage was consumed, then gave him my attention, squinting. “So, you’re trying to tell me it usually goes a lot smoother than that for you?”
“I rarely mess up. Sure, we all have those awkward moments where something in the script sounds dirtier than it’s meant to or a squeaky leather couch makes an unsavory noise and we all break character to laugh, but that’s about it.”
“Why today, then?” I felt my whole face flush as an idea hit me. “Oh shit, was I so bad it distracted you and made you mess up?” Dear Lord, kill me now.
“Of course not. You were great.” He stepped over and threw an arm around my shoulders, turning us toward the elevators. “I told you. It was just one of those days—no one’s fault but my own.”
He walked me to my car and held the door open as I folded myself into the seat with an exhausted groan.
“See you in the morning, Kaiti girl,” he said, mixing my actual name with part of my new nickname in a way that I really liked. Or maybe it was the way it sounded coming from him.
“Good night, Gavin. Thanks for making today as stress-free as possible. I don’t even want to think about how it would have gone without you looking out for me.”
“That’s what friends are for.” He closed the door with a soft click and turned to leave as I hurried to roll down the window.
“Hey, Hollywood?”
“Yeah?” He spun back to face me.
“Do friends also mess up their lines on purpose so their nervous, less-talented friend doesn’t feel like a dolt in front of everyone?”
He gave me a crooked smile. “Are you saying you messed up on purpose? For me?” He pointed to his chest. “Well, that was awfully sweet of you, Kaiti. Thanks for looking out.”
He walked away before I could respond.


Anna Paige is the author of the Broken series; Broken Ground, Flawlessly Broken, and All the Broken Pieces, as well as Chasing Kade, the first installment in the Thrill of the Chase series and Off Script — a brand new standalone, due out in December 2017.
She lives in a rural town in North Carolina where the only activity is the rhythmic color change of the solitary stoplight and a very real threat of being carried away by mosquitoes. The only alternative to terminal boredom is writing, making life interesting if only on the page.
Anna is happily married, with one amazing son and a pair of hilarious pets. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to make a dent in her TBR pile. Given that she’s constantly adding new titles to the list, the chances of her ever finishing are slim.
And she’s completely fine with that.




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