Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Avery Dacosta never expected to find a protester in front of her office.

Especially not now, when she’s this close to achieving a professional milestone years in the making: building a luxury hotel on Playa Vieja, San Diego’s untouched beach paradise.

Finn Travis, local surfer and all-around nice guy, never expected to find himself the leader of Playa Vieja’s resistance. He’s more of a mellow tree-hugger than a radical activist. Except Avery’s hotel threatens to destroy the place he loves the most. For the first time in his life, Finn decides to use his charisma for more than just attracting his next fling.

Avery’s worked too hard to let a bongo-playing hippie like Finn shatter her perfect future. And his naive idealism grates on her every nerve.

She’s not alone in her loathing: Finn thinks Avery is a greedy, corporate robot.

As Avery and Finn crash together like waves against the shore, their debates become heated. Sexy.


But the riptide of their attraction jeopardizes more than just their ideological values. Can Avery and Finn be together without giving up what they care about the most?

I read Kathryn Nolan's novella Cuffed last year and loved her writing so I jumped at the chance to read Riptide. I am so glad that I did! This book caught me in a way totally unexpected, and I mean that in the best possible way. I fully expected to enjoy this book but I more than enjoyed this, I loved it. The plot was refreshing, the pacing worked, and I adored the characters. Oh, and there were some steamy scenes-which I definitely enjoyed.

I found myself relating to Avery in a very real (almost uncomfortable at times) way. She's smart, driven and determined. She's also incredibly passionate. She has a plan and she's intent on following through. Her career, and what it represents, are important to her...and may have slightly caused her to try to cut some roots from her life.

Finn was a great match, and sometimes foil, to Avery. He definitely had me swooning in this and I would have traded placed with Avery several times over...if you know what I mean.

There's definitely chemistry between these two. You feel it right from the start. I was pulled into their emotions and gladly went along for the ride.

This book was smart. It was well written. It made me sympathize and understand both characters-without making me feel like I was wrong for agreeing with one person over the other. It's passionate. Kathryn Nolan has outdone herself with this book-and I can't wait to see what she gives us next.

Kathryn Nolan writes erotic romance novels and quick-and-dirty novellas. She loves a smart, strong heroine. She likes her heroes filthy-mouthed (and not afraid to bend a little).

And she’s all about that slow-burn sexual tension.

When she’s not at her day job (which is top-secret) she enjoys feminism, foreplay and having her nose in a book.

She’s a morning writer, a bike commuter, and the world’s biggest X-Files fan.


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