Monday, May 25, 2020

The Reality of Everything by Rebecca Yarros-ARC Review

Two years after the man she loved was killed in Afghanistan, Morgan Bartley is trying to put the pieces of her life back together. The reno on her dilapidated beach house in the Outer Banks might be just the distraction she needs to keep her debilitating anxiety attacks at bay and begin to heal her heart...if she can ignore the ridiculously handsome guy next door.

At twenty-eight, single-dad Jackson Montgomery’s life revolves around his five-year-old daughter and his job as a search-and-rescue pilot for the coast guard. He’s no stranger to saving a damsel in distress, and though his gorgeous new neighbor is clearly in distress, she’s no damsel. She’s stubborn as hell with walls a mile thick, and the dog tags hanging from her rearview mirror give him a pretty good clue as to why.

It doesn’t matter that their attraction is undeniable―she swore she’d never fall for another pilot, let alone a military man. There are some wounds time can’t heal, and some fears too consuming to conquer.

She’s a barely breathing heartbreak on the edge of recovery.
He’s a crash waiting to happen.
Together they could have it all...if they can endure the coming storm.


This was my first title by Rebecca Yarros and I'm torn between needing to read everything she's ever written and needing a break because, wow.

Jackson and Morgan's story isn't simple. It's not easy. There are ghosts from her past who aren't quite as much in the past as they should be and Jackson is both along for the ride and the new love interest she's afraid to love and lose.

All of that is in the blurb. But what isn't in it is how much you relate to these characters, how much you feel what they are feeling and how genuinely emotional the story least I wasn't expecting it.

My heart broke for Jackson, and for Morgan. There was more than one time where it jumped in my chest from the emotion of a line of dialogue or description.

I never highlight books, well, rarely. But this line

"I'm not about to be one of your regrets when I have the option to be your choice"

was perfect. It grabbed me and I was already hooked at that point and on these characters, but this cemented it... And is kind of a sum up of the entire book.

I could go on for days about how much I loved this, but it's one of those you need to read for yourself.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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