Friday, May 22, 2020

My Sinful Love by Lauren Blakely-Review

She was my what if girl. The one I longed for. The one I tried to find again after she left for the other side of the world.

Now, years later, fate has swept the only woman I’ve ever loved back into my life.

With her intensity, her honesty, her passion, Annalise tries to break down my walls, because she’s the one who knew me before my family shattered.

When we collide again, it's tender and savage, gentle and rough, and makes me hungry for more of this electric, once-in-a-blue moon kind of connection.

If I want to keep her close, I’ll have to serve up the whole truth of where I went and what I did after she left.

But if I do, I risk losing her again, and that’s not a fate I’m ready to face. Not when each day brings me closer to finding the people who ripped my family apart and seeing them put behind bars.

Until the day I learn Annalise is holding the final piece of the puzzle to solving the mystery.

Can you improve on perfection? Can you take something that is absolutely the best and make it better?

If you are Lauren Blakely, the answer to this is, clearly, "Yes, I can." And, she did.

I have loved this title, and it's hero, since the first time I read this series. In fact, for literally years, Michael was my all time favorite Blekely hero. Yes, there was some competition, and a couple of times that another hero came close to how much I love Michael. But, until "Never Have I Ever" and Zach, no hero was able to take over the title.

Zach, sorry. This updated story, with some changes to the character development and a switch into first person so you get to know the characters a little better and, well, Michael is back as the favorite. And, in reading this book again, although it really did feel like I was reading it for the first time, it's easy to see why: it has everything. It's a fabulous second chance with 2 characters who know what they lost and want it back, it has Paris, swoon worthy romantic gestures, an incredibly hot guy, some insane chemistry and the absolute best declaration of feelings ever given next to a car. (Trust me, read it.)

This book can be read as a standalone, but with a little bit of a this is the 4th in the series (there is a newly published novella after it that takes place a year later) and was the original end to the series, the resolution of the mystery that arcs over all 4 books is in this one. So, if you want to read the others before so the mystery isn't spoiled, I completely understand. But, I am not going to tell you that you can't start with this one.

What could be better?

I absolutely loved and recommend this title.


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