Friday, March 17, 2017


Intense. Devoted. Protective. 

Michael Sloan is all of the above, with a hard tough edge to boot. He's not the guy he used to be. Years ago, before all the s&%t went down, he was laidback, carefree, and even happy-go-lucky.

Life changed him. Hardened him. 

There's one woman though who can break down his walls. Someone who knew him then. Who can reach inside to that heart he protects fiercely...because she's the only one he ever gave it to. When they collide, it's tender and savage, gentle and rough, and makes them both hungry for more of this electric, once-in-a-blue moon kind of sexual chemistry. But it's a battle of wills between Michael and the woman he loves, with words and emotions held close to the vest. 

She doesn't believe she can ever move on from her own heartbreak, but when Michael makes her feel for the first time in years, it's both thrilling and scares the hell out of her, setting off all her flight instincts. He's determined not to lose her again, but he'll have to learn to let her in if he ever wants to fully heal from the past...

The problem is, she knows something about the night his family shattered. She has the missing puzzle piece...but neither one of them realizes it. 


SINFUL LOVE is the fourth and final book in the steamy, sexy, suspenseful New York Times Bestselling Sinful Nights series from Lauren Blakely, author of the wildly popular Seductive Nights series...

I loved it. This was a second (third?) chance romance at its best. If you can read this without falling a little in love with Annalise and Michael, you weren't paying attention.

The background info on Michael and Annalise quickly lets you see that they are approaching their reunion with similar fond memories and feelings of when they were together, but from a different perspective. Annalise, you discover quickly, was married and her husband passed away. Michael has always been in love with Annalise.

Michael is intense, passionate and so afraid of losing Annalise again that he is reluctant to tell her how he feels. But, after an amazingly sweet discovery on her part, he confesses all to her right before she gets into a cab to head back to Paris...although at that point, they have already decided to allow what they have to continue, an option that was not realistic when they meet as 16-year olds.

While we wait for Annalise to admit she loves him, and is more than "falling" for him, Lauren Blakely gives little clues as to how Annalise feels, like watching him sit, holding his wine, and talking to her see how she feels before she tells him.

The entire book is just good. You just feel for both of them, your heart aches for them, and you don't want it to end.

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