Friday, July 7, 2023

Before We Fall by Aurora Rose Reynolds - ARC Review & Blog Tour



Tucker Beckett and I likely never would have met if our spouses weren’t having an affair.

Newly divorced with a young son to raise Tucker Beckett is the last man Miranda Owens should be itching to figure out, to make smile, and hear laugh. Still there is something about the detective with haunted blue eyes and a dirty mouth that draws her in from the moment they meet.

If only life were so simple.

As Tucker and Miranda begin to navigate their new relationship, Tucker is tasked with solving the murder of a young woman, while their ex’s begin to play games in an attempt to split the two of them up.

Before they fall, these two will need to figure out if the only thing tying them together is the circumstances that brought them together in the first place or if it’s something more.

Love isn’t complicated but sometimes life is.

There was something about the idea that Tucker and Miranda only met because their spouses were having an affair that really appealed to me. I think I like the almost forbidden of it, while totally aware that there is nothing at all forbidden about it, as they weren't the ones who were cheating.

You know going in, from the blurb, that there was going to be some ex drama, and while there was, I didn't find it overpowering or too much to allow me to be able to feel invested in the main couple of the story, and given how they met, it made sense that there would be some of the ex-drama, However, overall it worked and I appreciated the way it was resolved.

I believed in the relationship between them, and I believed that they would be willing to be with one another, even with the hurdles put in their way by their exes.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.




Aurora Rose Reynolds is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author whose wildly popular series include Until, Until Him, Until Her, Underground Kings, Shooting Stars, Fluke My Life and How to Catch an Alpha series.

Her writing career started in an attempt to get the outrageously alpha men who resided in her head to leave her alone and has blossomed into an opportunity to share her stories with readers all over the world.



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