Friday, May 5, 2023

Not Today Cupid by Jennifer Bonds - ARC Review


Notes from Triada Investment Meeting:

As compiled by Scarlett Evans—executive assistant, grad student, and reluctant admirer of CEO Nick Hart's snacktastic abs

Well, my fellow corporate drones, it's another less-than-exciting investor meeting with the executives (Loud Talker, Human Buzzword, Master Delegator). And at the front, CEO Nick Hart, the world's coldest—and ok, unbelievably sexy—tech badass. The man hasn't smiled in the history of ever, he runs a tight ship filled with miserable employees, and gosh, he just really does not love feedback. Especially from me.

Development updates, acquisition delays, and…holy hell, why does he keep looking at me? I don't work for him. I work for his brother. Which is good, because otherwise I'd spend every meeting secretly wondering what actually lies beneath that cool, aloof demeanor. Like, is he an uptight geek in the boardroom...and a sexy-assed freak in the bedroom?

He'd better not find out I'm the one stuffing the company suggestion box. What's so wrong with a Valentine's Day Social, anyway? But the fact that my notes are less professional and more entertainment is one seriously dangerous game. Because if he ever found out what I really thought of him, there'd be all kinds of sweet, delicious hell to pay...

I enjoyed a lot about this book. Nick and Scarlett had excellent chemistry and their connection as boss (sort of) and employee to friends felt genuine and authentic.

But, this title also felt a little unbalanced to me. There was a lot time getting to know them, and a lot of time watching them come to like and respect one another. But the time spent with them building their relationship as a couple felt like it was missing and a little glossed over.

In a boss/employee story, or one that is a story that evolves from enemies to friends to lovers I need to believe all of the different stages of the relationship. I believed the tension between them, I believed in the friendship. We start to get an idea of what they would be like as a couple, but it's so close to the end of the book that it doesn't feel fully explored.

Do I believe in them as a couple? Yes. Do I ruin they will be together forever? Yes. Do I think the reader really gets a feel for that? No.

That said, I did enjoy it overall. It's a quick read and I did laugh in places, so I do recommend this title.

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