Monday, May 8, 2023

Fallen Foe by L. J. Shen - ARC Review

Arsène Corbin does not intend to marry for love. His fiancée has always been a means to an end, a woman he wants to conquer. But when she dies suddenly in an accident, Arsène’s grand plan unravels.
Still reeling from his fiancée’s death, he meets Winnifred Ashcroft, a struggling actress who lands a coveted role in a play at his theater…and knows things about his late fiancée no one else does. The only problem? They can’t stand each other.

Backstage at Arsène’s theater, Winnie begins to let down her guard around the tempestuous billionaire. She appreciates his wit and quirky affection for astronomy. And Arsène, jaded as he is, respects Winnie’s headstrong personality.

Tragedy and betrayal bring them together, but will their painful pasts hold them back—or fuel their desire?

I love a dark romance or even one with characters who aren't the best people but become them by the end, and this was that book.

Arsène and Winifred are attracted to one another from the first time they see each other, but for different reasons both refuse to admit or act on this attraction until life happens and results in them not having a real choice but to spend time with one another.

I loved watching him realize he can be a human and he's got great things about him (his friends already knew this) and also realizing exactly what he wants in life and the things that really are important.

A lot of their journey is about a major plot point you discover during the story so I am not going to get into details...but it's perfect.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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