Sunday, January 8, 2023

Oh Fang! by Stacey Kennedy- ARC Review

From USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy comes the next spellbinding and suspenseful romance in the Undead Ever After series.

Willa von Stein thought she was magicless, but after a powerful spell broke a decades-long curse, her once very safe, very quiet life was shattered. Now she’s not only a witch, but also a vampire princess. Yes, seriously. But adjusting to her new set of fangs and impressive magic isn’t exactly easy when her vampire uncle is out to destroy her and her newfound family. In order to survive, she’ll need to master her new powers – and fast.

But Willa isn’t alone. Killian Constantine, vampire Warden of Charleston, may rule over the city, but Willa rules his heart. He’ll do anything to protect her. But between vampire riots, blood magic sorcery, and supernatural unrest, protecting both Willa and his city is becoming harder and harder to do.

In every shadow, Willa and Killian find enemies new and old. Despite every precaution, Willa becomes a pawn in a ruthless war. In order to protect everyone she loves, she’ll need to use mysterious, ancient magic. But if she fails, there will be deadly consequences….

I think I say this whenever I review a book with vampires, but it's always true...I don't love paranormal, but if there's a vampire, I'm in.

Add in pet dragons (lively to see you again, Ambrose) and I'm there for it.

Willa and Killian meet in the first book when Willa is a witch without powers running a bookstore for vampires in Charleston. Hooked yet? You should be (and if you haven't read the first in this series; what are you waiting for? )

Well, in this one, she's a vampire. And a witch. And a few other things tossed in to mean that pretty much everyone in the supernatural world is either frightened of her, wants something from her, or both.

This book isn't a standalone. It's a shorter novel that closes out some of the action in the 1st book while also moving us into the third title, as is often the case in trilogies where the one in the middle is in charge of doing just this. But it does it well. This isn't all exposition. There's character development, hints at things to come, and a really cute surprise that I won't spoil here.

I enjoyed this short visit with these characters and I'm looking forward to the next book.


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