Sunday, January 15, 2023

Indecent Proposal by Erika Wilde - ARC Review

It wasn’t every day that I was shot at by a sniper. But this was now my life, being hunted by someone my (dead) ex-fiancĂ© had crossed. They thought I had something he’d taken, and they weren’t going to stop until they had what they wanted.

I went to the best security company around, but what I ended up with was a bodyguard who was as hot and tempting as he was grumpy and annoyingly bossy. Vaughn reluctantly took me on as a client, despite my inability to pay, and put me in his own personal safehouse with a set of rules to follow.

But a few of those rules? Yeah, I broke them just because I knew it would provoke him. What I didn’t anticipate was the kind of punishment he decided to dole out . . . and it wasn’t long before we went from enemies, to lovers, and an indecent proposal was struck between us.

We both swore it was all temporary, but the closer Vaughn gets to finding out who is after me and why, I realize walking away from this man might be much harder than I’d ever imagined.

Claire and Vaughn were fantastic together. The chemistry was scorching, and I believed that the physical attraction, which was where this book started out, was genuine, even though Vaughn was initially annoyed to have anything to do with her at all.

But, someone trying to kill you does tend to make you look for the best bodyguard you can find. Well, I don't have personal experience in this, but it certainly makes sense. And, it's the reason Claire ends up standing in the lobby of Vaughn's security firm...and then sparks fly.

The sex was hot, which one expects from this author as her books are definitely more geared to the erotic...but it was also emotional and was a strong way to show movement in the story.

I loved how Claire figured out who she was, and what made her tick, in the relationship with Vaughn. I also really liked how interested he was in finding out and allowing her to have her journey.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.


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