Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Today Tomorrow and Always by Tessa Bailey - ARC Review

Tucker isn’t interested in quests, thank you very much. Though the cigar-smoking, Uber-driving vampire has long been an official member of the undead club, his very human heart still lurks inside of him—and no one has ever spoken to it more clearly than Mary…the fairy he’ll be driving to her wedding. Where she’ll be marrying someone else.

Quests, right?

Mary’s blindness and window-shattering scream have forced her into seclusion since childhood. A seeming burden to her splintered family, she jumps at the chance to reunite them. All she has to do is marry an evil vampire, facilitate an unholy alliance and potentially start an underworld war. Easy, right? No, but it was doable. At least until Tucker.

The pair of misfits embark on a road trip that will have them questioning the past, present and future. Their building passion and trust in one another is undisputable, however. And as the battle looms, they’ll have to decide just what they’re willing to sacrifice for a lifetime together.

So, it's always sad when a series you are really enjoying ends. But, when it ends on a story as fabulous as the one for Tucker and Mary, well, you can't be too upset as you got one heck of a send-off for all of the characters.

The issue I am having with writing this review is I don't know what I can say without spoiling not only the plot of this one, but also of all of the books.

While they definitely are standalones when it comes to the central couple, they are also all part of an interconnected story. And, it's that story that actually leads to the one that Tucker and Mary are central to. Confused yet?

So, yeah, I don't know what to say other than read this. Read it now. It's as hot and sexy as you want (and let's be honest expect) from Tessa Bailey and it also has the heart, the the HEA that you want for these characters.

If you haven't read the first 2 books in the series, you may as well start with them...as reading this one will make you want to also read those.

I enjoyed and recommend this title, and series.

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