Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Keep Me by Stacey Kennedy - ARC Review

From USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy comes an intoxicating romance set in the elite world of the Phoenix club, where one night of pleasure is never enough...

One night of pleasure, one night of sin, one night that changes everything.

For private investigator Elise Fanning, hacking into the ultra-exclusive sex club, Phoenix, is a piece of cake. A couple of clicks, and now her best friend can go behind its very locked, very private doors. But she quickly realizes she wasn't as stealthy as she thought when she comes face to face with the club's head of security, retired United States Army Special Forces Archer Westbrook. He's pure sex in worn jeans and a leather jacket, and talking her way out of this--heck, talking at all--will be no easy task.

Archer Westbrook loves a smart, sexy woman. So when Elise hacks into a system he thought unhackable, he's impressed—and intrigued. And when another security breach occurs, Archer knows he needs Elise’s help. As the two team up, their stubborn spats lead to steamy banter, and Archer knows he's met his match. Each intoxicating look, each sizzling touch only makes him want her more, but Elise is guarded. He'll have to show her that this raw desire between them is worth the risk.

When Archer invites Elise to Phoenix to do surveillance, she knows Archer isn’t playing fair. Seeing him in the erotic club makes it impossible to keep their relationship professional. She knows she should walk away, but she’s already in too deep. Ignoring the delicious pleasure Archer makes her feel is impossible. She'll agree to one night then she'll leave Archer's seductive world...for good.

Well, now, wasn't that fun?

Archer and Elise meet and it's clear, from pretty much the beginning, that this is going to be steamy and sexy.

It doesn't disappoint...but then, what else can one expect from a story about a private detective and the head of security for an erotic club?

The thing I love about these books, and this author, is that her books are erotic but also have characters, and a story line, and a romantic connection...which makes the sex even hotter (if that is even possible) as you actually care about the characters as people.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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