Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Violent Triumphs by Jessica Hawkins-ARC Reviews

Title: Violent Triumphs
Series: White Monarch #3
Author: Jessica Hawkins
Genre: Contemporary Romance


The highly anticipated conclusion to the “emotional, steamy, and dangerous” USA Today bestselling White Monarch series.

I’ve become a queen to the forsaken, a leader to thieves, and the wife of a man who instills fear in all who cross his path. He was the husband I didn’t want. Now, I can’t fathom life without my king.

I should’ve been ready for anything. Like the caterpillar that feeds on poison during metamorphosis, I was raised in the dangerous world of cartel crime. But nothing could’ve prepared me for Cristiano de la Rosa, his brother’s poison, or the Calavera cartel.

This is still a story about a love strong enough to topple households, unite enemies, and divide brothers. Resilient enough to bring down those who would try to destroy it . . . and selfless enough to make the ultimate sacrifice.

But I was warned, and so were you. Death’s day always comes. This time, it will find what was once a caterpillar is now a butterfly—and hell hath no fury like the White Monarch.

First, this is not a standalone, not even a little bit. So, if this is where you are starting, go back to the beginning. This one you are going to want to read the build up before you get to the ending.

Well, this didn't go the way I thought it was going to. Not at all. I had an idea where I thought Natalia and Cristiano's story was going to go and, nope. I did not guess right, not at all.

That said, I loved where this went, I loved how it got there, and I absolutely loved the ending. It's not what I thought would happen, but in so many ways it was better.

There were parts my heart was in my throat, and there were a couple where I could NOT believe what I was reading and that it actually happened. And, there might have been a couple of times I was the characters, the Kindle. The entire world.

But, I got over it. And, what a ride. It's not even a little possible to review this without spoilers, so I am not even going to try to talk about what happens, or give specifics about how each of the things made me feel. There's just too much that can be messed up.

I enjoyed and recommend this title...and I absolutely loved the last line of the book. It was actual perfection.

I need to start this by saying how much I was looking forward to this book. This is the third book in this Author's White Monarch series, and if you haven't read the first two you MUST before reading this. I was on pins and needles anxious for this book and it didn't disappoint.

This is a book that took me for a hell of a ride. I was invested right from the start and once I started reading there was nothing that was going to stop me from finishing it. My emotions were all over the place. I was angry, I was sad, I was anxious. But god, was it all worth it.

I never know what will come next from this Author. She weaves stories that you just can't predict at all. I certainly didn't expect much of what happened in this book but it absolutely fit the characters. The writing just sucks you in, and you believe what is happening with these characters.

I finished this book with a big sigh. I loved the ending, but I wasn't quite ready for the series to end and to say goodbye to these characters. But I will say, it was done perfectly. I won't spoil this book in any way, but I will say I loved it and absolutely recommend it.

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