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What's a girl to do when a man who's countless shades of wrong feels oh-so-right?

Ambitious book editor Asha Tate is a hopeless romantic. Despite her mediocre track record with men, she believes in swooning, sighing, and the everlasting love of true soul mates. Sure, sex is okay, but she’s not someone who’s ever been driven by her animal urges.

Until now.

When Asha stumbles upon the scorching hot Instagram feed of someone calling himself Professor Feelgood, she falls in lust for the first time. Not only is she left panting over the professor’s insane body, but his angst-filled poetry about losing his one true love speaks straight to her soul. 

Desperately in need of a bestseller for her struggling publishing company, Asha knows the professor’s potential to sell to his millions of loyal followers could be the lifeline her bosses need. However, the ink is barely dry on a book deal before she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Sure, the professor is incredibly talented and sexier than any man has a right to be, but the man behind the persona isn’t at all who she pictured. In real life, he’s intense, arrogant and infuriating, and his uncanny ability to rub her the wrong way turns her dream project into a total nightmare.

Knowing that the professor is everything she doesn’t want in a man should help Asha ignore her occasional urges to mount him, but she quickly learns that explosive, unwanted chemistry can make even smart people do stupid things.

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I finished this book with tears running down my cheeks. 60% because of the ending, and how happy I was with the way this ended up for these characters, and 40% because, I think, I was just NOT ready to let these characters go.

Asha is trying for a promotion at work and sees the next "big thing" in the Instagram feed of Professor Feelgood and his posts about life, the love he lost, and the lessons he learned from it. You connect with both of them, with her ambition to break out and really show people what she can do and with his desire to look at the past with regret and look at the things he wishes he did differently, while trying to find a way to move forward.

But, as life often does, the worlds collide and getting what you want, and learning how to put the past behind you, conflicts. This, I think, to me was the part of the book that really spoke to me, and that had me in tears. We reflect on our pasts, the things that changed us and shaped us. I think we all have regrets, some bigger than others, things that we wish had ended up differently, things we wish we'd said, things we regret doing.

So, what happens when that past is with us in the present and we are given the chance to right a wrong, to change a perception and to get another chance. Do we take it; or are we afraid that, if it doesn't work out, we will lose the chance to look back on that mistake and say "what if...."

I know this doesn't make a lot of sense to you, if you are reading this without reading the book. You see, there is not really a way to review this without spoilers. But, I didn't want to leave a review that said just that, and nothing else. I wanted to say something about it, to tell people why they need to read this book, and why Leisa Rayven is one of my favorite authors...without ruining it for others.

So, this review is about why it made ME cry, and why I connected with the characters, and why I would be ok if Ms. Rayven wrote another book (or 10) about them. And, it's me telling you to read it.

I loved and recommend this title.

Leisa Rayven is so talented and has such a way with words that I don't care how long she takes to write a book so long as she keeps writing them. This book drew me in from the start and I just didn't want it to end. While technically the second in the series it can absolutely be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

This is a book that's really difficult to review without spoiling. I would certainly never want to spoil a book, I want a reader to dive into this book. I can tell you it's unique, it's incredibly well written. There were moments that had me smiling and moments that I cried. I mean CRIED.

These aren't perfect characters. They bring those imperfections to the table and force you to look in the mirror and see how you relate. I loved these two and I love their journey.

The story itself was unique, as I said. It's well written and just flows. I didn't want to stop reading. I felt completely immersed in this world, and it's one I know I'll go back and revisit. I don't often highlight in books...but I definitely highlighted portions of this book. This is the type of book that will stick with you-and that is why I love this Author.

I truly enjoyed this book and absolutely recommend it.

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