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The Earl Of London by Louise Bay is LIVE! Grab this sizzling, enemies to lovers STANDALONE today for a limited time release price of $2.99!

Love left me off its to-do list.

I date. I’m all for giving guys a chance. I’ve just never met the one.

Until on a spring morning in the English countryside, a tall, dark stranger emerges from the mist.

Logan Steele is all tousled hair, hard chest and lips so perfect I want to reach out and touch them just to check they’re real. I’m sure that’s a thunderclap of chemistry I feel between us.

Did I mention he’s an Earl with a self-made fortune?

A billionaire who works tirelessly for charity?

And he’s so hot, watching him is like staring at the sun.

But like I said, love isn’t rooting for me.

When I find out Logan Steele is out to destroy everything I’ve dedicated my life to protect, the chemistry disappears and the hope that had blossomed my chest turns to rage.

It no longer matters that he quickens my pulse just saying my name, weakens my knees with a single touch and that he might just be the greatest kisser that ever lived.

I might believe in love but Logan Steele is definitely not the one.

Logan is rich, and used to getting what he wants, and used to being able to buy the things he wants. He buys estates, shows up in helicopters, and makes sure he has the finest things in life.

Darcy has family money, and she is used to being respected in her home village, and also feels responsible for the people in the town, and for the quality of life in the town.

There's an instant connection and attraction between them...until Darcy realizes that Logan is trying to develop a portion of the estate he just bought...and will ruin the quiet feel of the town. And, then the connection no longer matters to her, as he is threatening her town.

The attraction they have for one another was tangible and it jumped off the page. This was an enemies to lovers, but it started with an attraction, so it made it feel a little more like a couple who had a connection and needed to figure out if the connection was stronger than their cross purposes.

That, really, is what romance is about. Many couples meet and life happens and the relationship ends as it is not able to be sustained. In the relationships that last, those challenges are bumps in the road that are worth working out. Watching Darcy and Logan realize that they wanted to work it out, and that their connection was strong enough, was a lot of fun and I enjoyed this title.

I recommend this book.

This is a standalone book but it deals with characters that as a Louise Bay fan I've met before. I've wanted Darcy's story since first meeting her and I have to say that it was worth the wait. I enjoyed this book and the perspective it showed.

I really truly liked Darcy. I liked her spirit and spunk. I love how fiercely protective she was of her village and way of life, even as the realization as to why she was so protective made me a bit sad. I just wanted to hug her. She's the type of character I would definitely be friends with.

Logan had me captivated from the first moment he was introduced on the page. I wanted to know more about him, to figure him out like a puzzle. Because he was a bit of a puzzle to me at times but I loved seeing all the pieces of him fall into place. He was a sexy, smart and kind man.

These two have chemistry that just drips off the page, even when they desperately didn't want to. I loved watching their journey from enemies (sort of) to lovers and seeing them figure out different things along the way. They weren't expecting each other at all and sometimes that makes for the best story.

I enjoyed briefly catching up with some past characters from other Louise Bay titles. The supporting characters here didn't overwhelm at all, they enhanced Darcy and Logan. I loved this setting. I loved seeing how this plot unfolded and thought the pacing and writing were spot on. I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

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