Monday, June 25, 2018


A life she never imagined...and a love she can’t deny.

Zara Leighton has risked everything to track down the elusive art thief known as Icon, only to discover him already in her arms: the billionaire tech genius—and her lover—Tobias Wilder. Zara wants to resist Tobias, to deny his fiercely sexy smile and their sizzling chemistry. But instead, she agrees to help him one more time.

Tobias will do anything to protect Zara, but he needs her for one last ultimate job: a job that will clear both their names and grant them a future together... if they can pull it off.

The danger is real. The stakes are unbelievably high. But when it comes to love, there’s only one prize that matters...

With this book, the Icon trilogy is complete.  By the end, you know all of the secrets Tobias has been keeping (well, most of them, I think it's safe to say he still has a few) and you know how Zara is gong to handle the things she discovers and the ways in which those discoveries change her world.

How do I review this without spoilers?

At this point, Zara and Tobias are in deep in the missing art, art theft and heist world...and telling you the things you discover in this book, even though you really suspect a lot of it at this point, is a spoiler.

I hate spoilers.

So, what can I say?  This book has drama, drones, man-cave dungeons, danger and an ending that delivers exactly what you want from the books.

It's not a standalone, so if you are starting at this book, go back to the beginning, you need to see where it all starts to really appreciate where it all ends up.

And, if you are like me, you will think the end is absolutely, exactly, where it should have ended up.  I recommend this book, and the entire series.

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