Sunday, March 18, 2018


From “just one night” bonded for life

Kate McCoy calculates everything. She has every detail in her life organized to perfection—until the fateful night she steps into Gray Gallagher’s arms. “One time only,” she vows about getting romantic with Gray, her longtime protector and her closest friend. But this time, perfect Kate has miscalculated: the woman who plans everything is unexpectedly expecting. And the heart she has so carefully sheltered starts seeing her cherished friend in a very different light…

Jules Bennett is a favorite of mine.  I love the characters she writes, and the stories she tells feel like they are about real people.  Her writing is strong, and the pacing never seems like it is rushed or that there was no real resolution to the story. 

Even though this blurb talks about them having a baby, I loved that most of the book really was about Kate and Gray.  You get to know them, and how they feel about one another, before either of them have any idea that they are about to be parents.

Baby books, at least for me, are tough when I don't feel there is enough of a connection with the characters and wonder if they would be together if there was not a baby.  I believed Kate and Gray were attracted to one another, and Gray was done fighting his attraction to Kate.  I also thought the fear they had of losing their friendship was realistic and I liked the way it was handled.

I enjoyed this title, a lot, and I look forward to the next title by this author.

I recommend this title.

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