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To say his life has been turned upside down would be laughable at best. In a business where people's livelihoods depend on the decisions he makes every day, Walt Nelson never wanted a life built around anyone but himself. With a fiancĂ©e equally versed in self-centeredness, he is living the life he created, until the call that changed everything. Forty-eight hours later, he buried his best friend and became the guardian to his two daughters. Forced to admit his life is no longer just about him, he hires his brother's personal assistant in a moment of desperation. His goal, to survive this new normal until he can arrange a boarding school for the girls. The last ten years have kept Samantha Abbott in an endless cycle of regret and sorrow as she slowly rebuilt a life she never wanted- a life alone. When her boss's brother offers her a job that solves her money troubles, her only goal is to put her past behind her. What she gets is a head-on collision between a loss she has yet to survive and a love she doesn’t think she deserves.

While this was a romance, it took a while to get there.

Walt is the guardian of his best friend's 2 children, and he needs help. Samantha hits it off with the kids in a way that Walt has not been able to, and he hires her as his nanny, at the urging of his brother Finn.

I was not sure what I thought of Samantha for a lot of the book. I liked her, but at the same time I was not sure about her. I think a lot of this reaction is to the fact that this was not really a romance. It is at the end, and there is a romance...but most of the first half of the book is about the kids and building a family. For me, there was too much of this. Yes, the kids are an important part of the story, and they are causing Walt's life to change, and they represent a loss of a lot of the things in his life, I thought they were too much of a focus.

At first, I thought this was going to be a slow burn, with a lot of smoldering looks and time with one another, sneaking so no one knew. Not really. While there was some of this, I really didn't feel like the romantic story line existed until the 2nd half of the book.

Once we got to the romance between Walt and Samantha, it is a little too late in the book for it to be fully developed. I was left feeling like I got a story about a family that was a romance, but as the secondary storyline. I wanted the character development with Walt and Sam that we got with Sam and the children, and Walt and the group of guys, and with Sam's friends.

I do recommend the title overall, as I did enjoy it...but I think it could have been stronger.

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