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Today we have the blog tour for FINDING A HUSBAND by Kristen Casey! Check out the tour and grab your copy today!

Author: Kristen Casey
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Finding a Husband: 

Molly O’Connell does not need a man. Boston is filled with men, few of them reliable. What she does need is a job, and she knows exactly which one she wants—there’s a law firm hiring down in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it’s an ideal opportunity. Warm weather, pristine beaches, a reliable paycheck…how could she go wrong? Heck, her brother-in-law has even hooked her up with a tour guide. It’s perfect. Jake Alexander knows Molly is off-limits. Man, does he ever know. But when he agreed to show her around town as a favor to a friend, he never expected her to be quite so incredible. Gorgeous. Unforgettable. And his total inability to think of anything but her is going to be trouble with a capital T. Molly, bless her heart, is interviewing with his dad’s law firm—and if his guess is right, she’s a shoo-in. And Jake…well, he’s sort of engaged. God help him, he probably should have mentioned that right from the beginning. Why does Molly have to fall for the one man in creation she shouldn’t want? And can she make a life for herself in this new place without him? Wait and see. 

Book Three in the Second Chances series. 

This book contains no cliff hangers, no cheating, and one guaranteed happily-ever-after! 

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Finding a Husband (Excerpt)
©2017 Kristen Casey

His hands were tender as he soothed Molly back down to earth. He stroked her calves and peppered her thighs with soft, hot kisses that percolated across her skin like spilled champagne. Jake set her on her feet and put Molly back together again—straightening lingerie, snapping clasps, and zipping her up like she was precious treasure wrapped in black lace. He scooped up her earrings from the counter and handed them to her—then watched avidly as she put them on.

Molly turned back to the mirror to reapply her lipstick, studying her reflection while Jake went to retrieve her heels from the bedroom. Oddly, not a hair was out of place. Her cheeks were pink and her lips were swollen, but otherwise, she merely looked like a more-sultry version of her usual self. Not at all like she felt—like she might be coming apart at the seams, unravelling from the inside out in a messy jumble of parts. Jake smiled at her while she leaned heavily against the counter to slip on her heels, and then broke the loaded silence between them.

“Damn, Molly,” he said tranquilly, like he hadn’t been rocking her world moments before. “You look so darn pretty tonight.”

“You don’t say.” She forced it through sensitized lips. Jake had just shown her how pretty he thought she looked, but why did he have to keep doing it at the worst possible times?

“I do. And you taste pretty great, too. Ready to roll now?”

The cold wash of reality crashed over her. Molly would have to go show her face for the second time in two days at his parents’ house—one of whom was considering hiring her for a job. And for the second time, Molly would have to pretend that their son hadn’t just had her sobbing with pleasure moments before. She felt the need to turn things around on him for once.

So, with a pointed look at the bulge marring the tailoring of his pants, Molly said, “Packing some heat there, aren’t you Officer?”

Jake looked down and yanked on the hem of his blazer. “Don’t you worry about that, miss,” he chuckled. “That’s for later.” He pecked her on the cheek and steered her toward the door.

“We have got to stop meeting like this,” Molly grumbled, irritated by his nonchalance. Her legs felt like jelly, and she tottered on her heels, making her even more annoyed.

Jake steadied her—of course he did. “Really?” he asked, the soul of civility. He snagged her beaded clutch from a side table and handed it to her. “I disagree.”


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About Kristen Casey: 


Kristen Casey writes heartfelt contemporary romances with plenty of heat, relatable characters, and witty dialogue. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and assorted cats, and in her free time enjoys all things crafty—especially projects she discovers on Pinterest. To stay up to date on what Kristen is working on now, and to learn more about her books, visit her website at https://kristencasey.com/ or subscribe to her Newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/ctGk1j 

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