Thursday, December 7, 2017


Every once in a while, you need to get away from it all.

I was a woman on the edge, shaken and shattered after a breakup that felt like it tore my entire world apart.

My best friend, sick of watching me drown in misery and melancholy, harassed me until I agreed to go with her on a week-long wilderness retreat.

She promised days spent bonding and getting in touch with our inner bad-asses.
It was supposed to be all about the two of us roughing it and making do with the bare minimum. She assured me we were going to be pushed to our limits in ways that were unimaginable. Neither one of us could have ever guessed just how right she was.

Nowhere in the glossy brochure did it say anything about the fact I was going to have to battle the insufferable but deliciously rugged and sexy trail guide instead of the elements. The brochure also forgot to mention the part that warned when you left civilization behind, there was no place to pack your inhibitions and fears.

I was told that I would be facing a week where the only thing I should expect was the unexpected. However, no one mentioned that I was going to have to fight for my life…and my heart as soon as I ventured into the unknown.

I was a pro at hiding from my feelings but when it came time to face a real threat, one that could change everything, I learned I was more of a no surrender, no retreat kind of girl.

Retreat is a standalone novel, the first in the Getaway series which centers on the hardheaded and brokenhearted Warner brothers and the women that dare to love them.

These boys are very good at putting the wild in wilderness.

I enjoyed this book, a lot. There were a couple of parts where I thought the pacing was a little off compared to the rest of the book, not slow or fast, just not in keeping with other similar scenes, but this was not something to really remove me from the story itself.

I liked that the blurb doesn't tell you the names of the main characters or all that much about them, and I am not going to here a lot of fun with the story is getting to know the characters, who they are, and deciding whether or not you like them. For the record, I liked both of them a lot. The author does have a bit of a warning in the beginning to give the heroine a chance,that she has been through some things...although while I was not always fond of her, I thought she was authentic and likely behaving as most would after similar events. The blurb mentions a breakup, but it was maybe a little more than this, one of those breakups that make you really assess if you were the problem, not the other person.

The writing was strong, the characters were great, and I really enjoyed the scenes after they got together. They had amazing chemistry...and the scene in the campground shower...Oh. My. Let's just say, it made me want to go camping, just so I could have an excuse to clean up with him.

This is the first in a series of books, although it did not have the plot issues that I often find in the first of a series, namely that too much time is spent setting up the next books, and it ends with the story told for the lead characters in this, but with a set up for what is coming next for the characters we met in the first book. I am looking forward to the next book.

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