Tuesday, March 14, 2017


His rules. Her pleasure. His way.

Italian heiress and international financier Milla Castra knows she can't avoid him forever. Irredeemably hot and controlled Lex Duncan once shared her craving for things deliciously forbidden. He was her lover. Her Master. And the husband she's kept secret from everyone.

But Lex will never relinquish what's his---and Milla is definitely his. And he knows she can't resist the exquisite pleasure that awaits in his arms. When the violence of her past threatens them both, Lex will risk everything to keep Milla safe . . . before she submits to the cruelest master imaginable, Fear.



Rules of Engagement series

Book 1 - Rule Breaker (Arya and Max)
Book 2 - Rule Master (Milla and Lex)
Book 3 - Rule Changer (Carmen and Thomas)

I enjoyed this book. I like that it started with them as married, and for a while. I think this was probably revealed in the first book, as it seemed to be a badly kept secret, although I was new to their relationship as I did not read the first one.

At times, I think I was missing a little because I picked this one up without reading the beginning of the story...but not enough that I can say it isn't a standalone.

The idea of the reason Milla wants to end her marriage to Lex was interesting. A giant spoiler to get in to here, but interesting. And, understandable, I think, for someone who has been through her experience, and come out on the other side, to question who she is, if she will ever be the same, and to try to come to terms with how she deals with the things that happened.

I loved Lex. He was so compelling, so good at showing up exactly where we needed him to be for Milla and for the story, so good at being exactly what Milla needed, so good with knowing his own limits and what will work for him.

This is my first title by this author, and it is not going to be my last. The pacing was on point, the characters were strong and the dialog was real. The book had it's moments where it was intense and those were handled well.

I recommend this book as a standalone, but do think it would be worth it to read the first one before reading this one. 

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