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On the Edge by K. Bromberg - ARC Review & Release Blitz

A spicy, only-one-bed, Formula 1 romance from New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg.

Surely this can’t be the only solution to overhaul my tarnished rep— faking a romance with the good girl intern?

But that’s what my agent says. Just a few months of taming my ways—of shedding Formula 1’s party boy image—will land me a lifetime branding deal. One I desperately need.

The key condition?

Pretend I’m madly in love with my new girlfriend. The quiet wallflower who I figured wouldn’t put me in my place. Yeah. This girl is anything but that.

Maddix Hart is defiant and intelligent. Loyal and real. Determined and sexy. And damn it to hell, before I know it, she’s in my head, in our bed . . . and if I’m not careful, she’ll see there’s more to me than the man I show the public. She’ll discover the man I hide from the world. The one who struggles to live up to the unrealistic expectations that should never have been mine.

All I have to do is make sure no one sees the truth behind our farce.

But instead, I let my heart get involved. I begin to believe the lie. And now with everything on the line—the deal, a championship, us—am I willing to risk it all to make her see what the rest of the world believes? That we belong together.

Full disclosure, I'm an F1 fan, winter break is taking forever to end, and you can only watch Drive to Survive so many times, so I was reading this book with joy and delight just because it's set in F1.

But it's also well done. The author is clearly a fan of the sport. And I love that she made Maddix someone who knew nothing about F1 so she could add in F1 plot points and explain them for those unfamiliar while not losing interest for fans of the sport. It's a unique edge to balance on, and it was done well.

Cruz and Maddix were engaging and believable. I liked them as people both together and separately, which made the story work well from the romance angle.

The secondary characters were interesting and helped develop the story without taking away from it or making it feel like the story relied too heavily on them.

I also thought it was balanced well between racing/driver plot points and the romance. There was enough of him being a driver for it to be important for the story but not so much that it left you feeling like you were reading a sports documentary.

Overall this book worked, was faithful to F1 as a sport and was an enjoyable romance.

I enjoyed and recommend this book.

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