Friday, October 6, 2023

Let Me Love You by Brittney Sahin - ARC Review

Love is a risk for a woman in danger and a mercenary sworn to protect in a blistering novel of vengeance and redemption by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brittney Sahin.

Six years ago, Maria Romano got her birthday wish—a kiss from Enzo Costa. A man she could never take her eyes off, but who seemed as haunted as her favorite book boyfriends and strictly off-limits. Just one unforgettable moment in the dark and then he was gone.

Now Maria is a divorced single mom, moving on and open to romance again. Fatefully, it’s with the new head chef at her sister’s Enzo. A gentler man than the one she remembers, yet fire still burns. And a warning still don’t get too close.

Enzo is embarking on a new life, too. And falling in love with Maria shouldn’t happen. He has far too much blood on his hands, and he carries his damaged past like a shadow. But he can’t ignore the impulses drawing them back together.

When his secrets plunge Maria into danger, Enzo must become the man he once was to keep everyone safe.

Will he go off the deep end and never find his way back?

Or will Maria be enough to save his soul?

I can't lie, while I love this author, I wasn't sure how I felt about a book that wasn't romantic with an edge of suspense. I mean, a chef is hot...but I love the sexiness of the military stories and all.

I needn't have worried.

Enzo and Maria start off incredibly steamy and hot, their connection obvious from the beginning. I'm not kidding, it's hot. It's through the exploration of the connection they have now that you start to get an idea that there's a lot you don't know about Enzo, and that there's a lot Maria also doesn't know, and that it scares him because he's afraid he's going to lose her if she does know, even though it's pretty clear that won't happen.

And this works because as events unfold, if you didn't already believe in their connection you might wonder (as he does) if she's going to reconsider wanting anything to do with him once she learns all of the pieces of his past.

It's hard to review this one without spoilers, so I'm going to be vague and say I loved the plot and the pacing. I love the way the story was constructed and the way it developed made it really engaging.

I believed Enzo and Maria would end up together and I loved the way the secondary characters were handled... one especially.

I'm hopeful we're going to see more of this family as there are some brothers (and a certain club owner) that could really use a story of their own.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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