Thursday, October 5, 2023

I Wish I Knew Then by Jessica Peterson - ARC Review & Release Blitz

My grandmother has a saying: what’s done in the dark always comes to light, especially in small towns with big secrets. And I was hiding the biggest secret of them all.

Every summer I spent growing up at my grandparents’ coastal estate was the same. Same cousins. Same chaos. Same long golf cart rides along the beach.

But everything changed the summer I turned eighteen, when my grandparents’ new housekeeper moved in with her son, Riley. With his big personality and head-turning looks, he was the local heartthrob.

We fell in love instantly. Riley was my first everything. First love. First time.

And my first heartbreak when he dumped me at the end of the summer.

Ten years later, I’m back on the island for my best friend’s wedding as her maid of honor. Who’s the first person I literally stumble into?

Riley Dixon. Even worse? He’s the groom’s best man, and a self-made billionaire to boot.

Being forced to spend an entire week together for wedding festivities quickly leads to more: hot hate sex, late nights of sneaking out, and unexpected revelations. The boy I knew a decade ago is gone, and the hate becomes…something else entirely. And I begin to wonder if Riley is hiding some secrets of his own.

I WISH I KNEW THEN is a small town, standalone romance. It is the first book in the Harbour Village Series.

I enjoy Jessica Peterson's titles as they always have a strong balance of the characters, the story, and the romance between the main couple, while also developing the story for the secondary characters.

In this one, Riley and Lu are thrown together as best man and maid of honor at the wedding of their close friends, and as we get to know them, we also get to know everyone else we will be meeting in future books. It's balanced well and makes the reader feel like they are getting to know a whole group of people, but also the main couple.

I love second chance romance, and this one is done well. It's a couple who knew one another years ago, and it wasn't their time, but 10 years later and it seems like it just might be the perfect time for them to be together...or is it?

I loved the way the story evolved, how all in from the beginning Riley was, and the resolution for his reason for leaving previously worked well.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.


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Meet Jessica

Jessica Peterson writes romance with heat, humor, and heart. Heroes with hot accents are her specialty. When she’s not writing, she can be found bellying up to a bar in the south’s best restaurants with her husband Ben, reading books with her adorable daughter Gracie, or snuggling up with her 70-pound lap dog, Martha.

A Carolina girl at heart, she fantasizes about splitting her time between Charleston and Asheville, but currently lives in Charlotte, NC.

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