Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Royal by Susan Stoker - ARC Review

In this modern Cinderella story, New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker weaves a tale of stepfamilies, stalkers, and a suspenseful, sweeping romance that proves true love can conquer all.

Former military man and member of a royal family Callum Redmon can’t deny his sense of responsibility. So when his cousin’s latest love interest claims to have a stalker, Cal reluctantly meets with the young woman and her mother. He wants to write off the situation as a complete farce—if only his feelings for another member of the household could be as easily dismissed.

Since her father’s death seventeen years ago, Juniper Rose has been at the cruel beck and call of her stepmother and stepsister. Her fantasies of escape mean leaving behind her father’s beloved home, but enough is enough: when Cal offers her a way out sooner rather than later, June takes the leap.

Cal’s home in Maine with his military brothers seems like the safest place to start fresh. But as Cal and June’s fairy-tale romance blossoms into something real, they find that the dangers stalking them may have been real all along.

This book is a retelling of Cinderella and I enjoyed it.

Callum and June meet when her wicked stepsister lures him to her family home because the stepsister wants to marry a prince. (Because of course she does.)

He's not interested. But he is interested in June, in helping her start a new life, and in figuring out a way for them to stay together.

So... she leaves with him and goes to start a new life with him in Maine.

He has reasons he feels they can't be permanent, and so does she...but watching them work it out was enjoyable. I can't lie I understand her reluctance, but by the end I believed June was willing to have a life with him.

This story was predictable but it was also a lot of fun. 

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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