Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Stay Wild by Kaylee Ryan - ARC Review & Release Blitz

What happens when your wandering heart is captured by your friend with benefits? 


Archer Kincaid is supposed to be all the fun and none of the strings, but the longer I stay in Willow River, the more I feel roots pulling me to settle down.

I plan to complete a one-year photography contract with Captured Moments, then move on to travel the world. Chasing my dreams, taking photos, and living life on my terms--shot by shot.

But I've been on my own since losing my adopted parents, and home isn't about a place as much as it is a feeling. And Archer's starting to feel like home, but loving him means trading one dream for another. 


Scarlett Hatfield is the kind of girl who can't be tamed. Her adventurous spirit is contagious, but a blue-collar man like me doesn't chase dreams. I build them from the ground up. And my home is in Willow River.

I can see myself building a life with the gorgeous redhead who's turning my world upside down, but that means clipping her wings. And I could never do that, not when she's meant for more than my small-town life.

Even if it means destroying my heart, when the time comes, I'll have to say goodbye and let her stay wild.

I don't know what it is about books where one of the characters has a date to leave, but I love them.  In this one, Scarlett is in town for a year, and then she is off to follow her photography career dreams. Archer has a life, a home, and a family in the town, and he is not really looking to leave to go anywhere else, as tempting as staying with Scarlett is.

Scarlett and Archer meet at a wedding and have a fantastic night with no strings.  But, it's clear that they want more, both knowing it's a bad idea and doomed to end.

Well, of course, things progress and their attraction to one another turns into more, leaving them torn as to what to do next.  This was the part of the book that really grabbed me, I really felt their emotions and the conflict in what they wanted to do and what they knew they "should" do.  I also loved the way this was resolved, which I am not going to detail here.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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Meet Kaylee Ryan

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylee Ryan has been crowned the Queen of Swoon by her readers. With nearly fifty romance books under her belt, she's known for penning happily ever afters with heart. When she's not writing, you can find her with a book in her hand or hanging out with her family where she resides in her home state of Ohio.


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