Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Take Me by Stacey Kennedy - ARC Review

In the secret world of the Phoenix club, inhibitions are left behind, fantasies become reality, and lust can lead to love in this intoxicating romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy.

Nessa Hale is a hopeless romantic. Growing up, she witnessed her grandparents and parents’ epic love stories. But Nessa hasn’t been as lucky. Instead, she spends her free time swiping right on online dating apps and enduring hellish first dates trying to find the one. But when one of those dates ends tragically, Nessa is left emotionally shattered.

Ronan Crawford understands what it’s like to feel broken. As a retired Navy SEAL, he still suffers from the after-effects of war. Forming new friendships and working security at Phoenix, the secret sex club in the heart of New York City, has given him a purpose. He likes protecting people again. So when Nessa asks him to teach her self-defence techniques, he’s concerned, but up for the challenge. He can tell Nessa is suffering and he’s prepared to be her safe haven. What he’s unprepared for is how Nessa makes him feel like he’s coming back to life.

The more time they spend together, the more Ronan and Nessa help each other heal. As their friendship blossoms into something more, Ronan introduces Nessa to a world of no inhibitions and wicked desires. But when Nessa’s recovery is threatened and her life is endangered, Ronan vows to protect her at all costs. He knows he’ll have one chance to make Nessa safe again, but only Nessa can bring Ronan back from the darkness threatening to bury him….

This was a quick read, or maybe it just felt that way as I was immediately engaged in the story.  I was annoyed by the awful first date (haven't we all been there?) and then very invested in the story after Nessa's traumatic event happens.

Nessa and Ronan have known one another for a while, and have flirted with one another, and then the dynamic of their relationship and the way Nessa relates to almost everyone changes.  Being with her for the event was really interesting and I think it made me feel an immediate connection with the character that made me feel like I had read an entire book with her and not a few pages.

I was also really invested in the development of her relationship with Ronan and I loved the way the Phoenix club was introduced as a way for her to feel in control after that control was taken from her, and I also really loved that.  It's a new way to represent the attraction to the BDSM world, and the reason for the involvement couldn't have been more compelling.

I was sad to see this one end.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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