Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Stranded with a Cowboy - ARC Review

All this cowboy wanted was to escape the press. Now he’s stuck in a tropical storm with a woman determined to leave when the rain is gone… Don’t miss Stacey Kennedy’s next Devil's Bluffs novel!

She’s given up on love…

But a hot affair with a hot cowboy is ideal.

Since being named Texas’s Sexiest Bachelor, millionaire rancher Beau Ward has been hounded by reporters. The sexy single dad escapes to his remote cabin to protect his privacy—until Nora Keller appears amid a tropical storm. She says it’s to plan her best friend’s wedding to his brother…but she really wants a no-strings fling before she relocates to Paris. With the storm raging, the pair discover passion unlike any they’ve ever known. Will walking away afterward prove harder than they’d imagined?

There was something about this one that I really enjoyed, and I think it was mostly about how much I really liked Beau. There was something about him that made me want to move to a small town in Texas, which is definitely not something I can usually say.

I also liked Beau and Nora together. I liked how into her he was, and how willing he was to show her that he saw her, and her worth, and that he was interested in being with her regardless of the things about her that weren't perfect.

I have seen authors ask if readers like books where heroes or heroines fall first, and I think it depends...but when I read books like this one, it makes me want to say I like the hero falls first books the most, just because getting to be part of Beau deciding Nora was the one for him made this book a fantastic read.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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