Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Superstar by Kate Meader - ARC Review


He never saw her coming ...

After almost a year away from hockey, Bastian Durand’s return to the game should be a triumph.

Instead he’s taken down by the Chicago Rebels mascot.

It can’t get worse. Or maybe it can. Because the human inside the Rowdy Rebel costume is none other than Pepper Calhoun.

His friend’s sister.
His coach’s daughter.
And the woman Bastian has wanted for the longest time.

Pepper has always been a magnet for bad luck and now she’s ruined superstar Bast Durand’s big comeback. So that tracks. Everyone, from her father and brother to the fans and press, heck, even the NHL commissioner, hates her.

Everyone but the one guy who should.

Hiding away is the only thing she can think of, except Bast has the same idea. To her utter dismay, he’s determined to protect Pepper from anyone who dares breathe a word against her.

And to convince her that crashing on the ice isn’t all that different from … falling in love.

I really enjoyed this one. I love a good enemies to lovers romance, especially when it works and is believable as to the reason they are enemies and the reason they find themselves together in the first place.  Do I believe a pro hockey player would blame the mascot who crashed into him and re-injured his wrist, yes, yes I did.  And, even though he does come to realize that it's not fully fair to blame her, you still feel for him and see where he was coming from.

Was the snow causing them to be trapped in a cabin with one bed easy to see coming? Yes, it was
but it took long enough for Bastian and Pepper to get to that point that I found myself believing in them and where they were in their relationship and that the attraction was going to be something that I was able to buy into as it moved from enemies to lovers.

I also liked the resolution, the way they each were able to see one another and support one another because of the things that had happened to both of them in the past.

I enjoyed and recommend this title

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