Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Boyfriend Comeback by Lauren Blakely-Release Blast

A sexy, emotionally-charged, rivals-to-lovers, second chance sports romance…

Some men are just off-limits. Like, say, all the other football players in the league.
But I’ve been crushing hard on one quarterback in particular for the last year. When Jason invites me to his place the night before my first pro football game, I say yes so fast. Our white-hot time together answers a lot of questions I’ve had about myself.
Then life happens, and I don’t show up for our second date. The worst part is that he’ll never know how much it meant to me.
And when I’m traded to his cross-town rivals, I know that’s not the time to serve up my secrets either. My team’s PR department wants to double down on our rivalry.
And they’re right. I need to focus on football, not on my interest in men. But the more time I spend doing media appearances and charity events with the generous, quick-witted, popular guy, the hungrier I am for him.
It’s a bad idea to knock on his door late one night. I could lose everything. He’s probably not even home.
But then the door swings open, and I have a choice to make.

Contents Include: Forbidden nights, first times, sexy athletes, nosy friends, a meddlesome cat, and two men who are arch rivals.

I was so excited to get my hands on this book!! It's no secret that I love sports romances-and football ones in particular. Add in Lauren Blakely's unique blend of heat, heart, humor and honesty and I was all in from the start. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!!!

The Boyfriend Comeback gives us the story of two rival quarterbacks, Jason McKay and Beck Cafferty. This is a standalone story though readers may recognize Jason (and some supporting characters!!) from other books. I loved every moment of getting to know these two.

Jason had me smiling with his superstitions and attitude. He was so determined to realize his goals this season-and not to be distracted. I appreciated how he cared for his family, his concerns for his teammates and his personal drive. It was fun for me to see him get thrown a wrench with Beck and seeing how he handled it. I LOVED his sense of self.

I wanted to give Beck so many hugs throughout this book. I just knew he was something special. I liked his intentionality with everything and understood, and related to, his habit of taking things all upon himself. I loved seeing him figure things out and couldn't have cheered louder for him at the end.

The rivalry between these two was fun and provided opportunity for some amazing banter. It is clear right from the start that these two have sizzling hot chemistry. Watching them figure out what to do with that chemistry was...hot. Seriously, their times in the bedroom?? Off. The. Charts. At the same time? They were so much more than just that. Their relationship-the good times and bad-were honest and real. And I LOVED that. Also? I love that they did a podcast together-I'd totally tune in to that!

The supporting characters here had me grinning for sure. Some we've met before (I'm a nerd for these Easter Eggs) and I enjoyed catching up with them but I loved the new characters, too. I loved how they supported Jason and Beck and allowed them to shine. The story flowed so well and I felt like I was right there with all the characters.

Now, I did also listen to this book and the performances from Teddy Hamilton and J.F. Harding were phenomenal. They brought Jason and Beck to life flawlessly. I enjoyed the duo together and know I'll listen to this book again!

The Boyfriend Comeback is one of my favorite books of the year! It has all the things I was looking for-heart, humor and definitely heat with a realness that can't be beat. I loved it from start to finish and would give it more than five stars. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today-you won't regret it!!

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