Thursday, March 17, 2022

A Little More Action by Sara L. Hudson - ARC Review

What happens when a New York City playboy, a Southern spitfire, and a hairless cat walk into a coffee shop?
Burnt man-nipples, for starters.

Self-made mogul Chase Moore is a charming hound dog with a hairless cat and a family business to save. He was fine being the spare to the heir of the family’s luxury department store empire until the billion-dollar business threatened to go belly-up. Now Chase will need more than his rakish good looks to fight his father for control.

Powerhouse marketing guru Campbell King is a hardheaded woman with a chip on her shoulder in the shape of the New York City skyline. After being chewed up and spit out by the city that never sleeps, Campbell returned to Texas and launched her own company. When her phone rings, and the sexy voice on the other end asks her to help save his swanky store in Manhattan, she seizes the chance to redeem herself.

When the sexy redhead from Texas with an Elvis obsession runs into her new boss, they both find themselves all shook up. And for the first time in her life, Campbell may need a little less conversation and a whole lot Moore action.

A Little Moore Action is a standalone, first-in-series, full-length contemporary rom-com that will melt your panties as well as your heart.

This is my first title by this author, and I wasn't sure what to expect based on the blurb, but I was curious.

The humor worked well in most areas of the story, but there were parts where I thought the focus on making the book funny made the development of the relationship between Chase and Campbell feel like a secondary focus.  While this wasn't bad enough to completely pull me out of the story, it did make the connection I felt to the characters feel like it was a bit of a roller coaster and just when I was fully involved in their story, I was drawn back out of it.

That said, the hairless cat was pretty hilarious.  And their connection, when it was the focus, was on them, was strong and enjoyable.

I did enjoy this title overall and recommend it.

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