Friday, February 11, 2022

Accidentally Perfect by Marissa Clarke - ARC Review

Workaholic Lillian Mahoney has given everything to her job. The hugely popular lifestyle show she helped create monopolizes her time, energy, creativity, and anything remotely resembling a life. But all it takes is the show’s womanizing, egomaniac star throwing a massive hissy on live TV to utterly implode Lillian’s career in a New York minute.

Now Lillian’s hiding out in the gorgeous and completely unknown seaside village of Blink, Maine. Out of gas. A stolen wallet. A broken heel. And worse, she’s somehow managed to completely piss off the town’s resident hunk, Caleb Wright. She’ll show that hot, grumpy single father exactly what she’s made of.

But Blink isn’t quite what Lillian expects—and neither is Caleb...or his feisty teen daughter she can't help but love. And while her entire life and career are in shreds, Lillian might just discover what happens when she gives her bad first impression a second chance…

I found this book to be a lot more charming than I was expecting. Yes, I read the blurb and I definitely caught the fish out of water and the fairy tale disaster and setting of the book. So I was expecting that...but I don't think I was expecting this one to feel as light and fun as it did.

Don't get me wrong, Lillian and Caleb aren't perfect at the beginning, in fact he is more than a little suspicious of her. But they work that out and they both find the things about one another that they really like,. and admire.

I thought the ending was a little too easily tied up and I also thought that it went farther than it needed to. With cars, and planes, and the internet (especially the internet over the last couple of years) we have all managed to do our jobs from places we never thought we the way the ending came together so quickly, and the fact that it wasn't necessary, did leave me a little frustrated at the end. But, not enough to say I didn't enjoy the story overall.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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