Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Lightning in a Mirror by Jane Ann Krentz - ARC Review

PI Olivia LeClair wasn’t sure what to expect when she signed up for the Four Event Success Guaranteed speed dating package, but a run-in with a serial killer certainly wasn’t at the top of the list. Thinking it couldn’t get much stranger than that, Olivia decides to give it another shot. Of course, when you’re a powerful aura reader from a mysterious town buried under government conspiracies, strange doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So, when Harlan Rancourt, the rightful heir to Olivia’s employer the Foundation and a man long thought to be dead, shows up at the next round of speed dating, she takes it in stride. After years on the run from the Foundation, Harlan is sure that he’s finally found a lead on the mysterious Vortex lab at the heart of the Bluestone Project—the very project that altered the DNA of every resident in Fogg Lake. He’s convinced that Olivia, a direct descendent of powerful oracles in Fogg Lake, is the only one who can help him locate the lab.

Olivia, however, isn’t so sure. First off, she’s not an oracle. Sure, she has some powerful psychic energy, but so do plenty of other people. Second, she doesn’t really know if she can trust Harlan. While he looked perfectly unmemorable on the surface, Olivia could sense from the moment she met him that he was more powerful than the Foundation could ever know—and there was the very real possibility that had only resurfaced to claim his inheritance. But when Harlan tells Olivia that Vortex may be the key to uncovering her mother’s killer, she has no choice but to follow him into the very depths of danger and secrecy before those hunting the lab—and the oracle at its center—catch up to them.

As always, with books by this author or by Amanda Quick, I enjoyed this title.

As we go farther into the Fogg Lake stories, the more paranormal they become, but at this point, we expect that from them and those of us who have read all of the books have a pretty good idea what to expect, even if we don't know quite how it will happen.

Olivia and Harlan are both high level paranormal talents, although don't tell Harlan you have caught on to that, as he would rather hide in plain sight. And, they are on the trail of a paranormal villain, and a plot, that has been going on for years...and is much too complicated to even begin to try to explain in this review. Suffice to say, you know enough to figure out what is going on if this is the first of these books for you, and the resolution of the story (and the small appearance of some other characters) is well worth the read.

There were parts where the paranormal aspect did start to feel a little long while reading, although by the end of the story they seemed to have ended up working rather well. So, I think I would have liked there to be less of that focus in parts of the story, but not all of it.

I liked the characters and the well-written personalities and quirks that are familiar to all readers of this author as they each are individual and all of them feel unique to the characters in previous novels.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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