Monday, January 17, 2022

Heartless Sinner by Erika Wilde - ARC Review

She was the one woman I couldn’t resist . . .
Half past thirty and still single, my father rode my ass daily about getting married, starting a family, and looking the part. I needed to soften my enforcer image and have the outward appearance that I was on the straight and narrow.

When I argued that I wasn't ready to settle down, he explained that no one ever was, and none of them ever did...with a wink. I laughed, until I thought about my mother. I might be a tough guy in a dangerous world, but I wanted a woman who could handle me at my worst and positively adore me at my best. Was that so much to ask of a wife?

There'd only ever been one girl who came close to that: Marla. She was plenty tough herself. She had to be. She grew up in the world, as well. And when she came to me asking for help to avenge her brother’s death, I was more than happy to help . . . for a price.

Marriage. To me. A mafia capo . . . the very thing she swore she’d never do.

Heartless Sinner is the first book in the Made for the Mafia series. Each book in the series stands alone and ends in a guaranteed HEA.

I am not sure why I enjoy Mafia romance as much as I do. I can honestly say the violence, the idea that the hero (and sometimes the heroine) kill people as part of their jobs doesn't bother me at all. I think it's because there is no chance of this ever being a life I live so it's a fun read.

Vince and Marla are sort of an insta-love story, but at the same time they aren't. Their attraction is strong, and we understand the reason (as readers) for the fast start to their attraction. But, it builds on that heightened attraction as the reason why Marla agreed to be a part of the relationship even when there are plenty of chances for her to get out, or to end the relationship.

This is a darker story than usual for Erika Wilde, but I love that about this book. It feels like getting a different side of an author that I enjoy reading.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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