Monday, January 24, 2022

An Operative's Last Stand by Juno Rushdan - ARC Review

A kill squad is closing in…
Now this team leader must risk everything for answers

Barely escaping CIA mercenaries, ex-agent Hunter Wright is after the person he thinks targeted his ops team, Topaz, for treason. Deputy director Kelly Russell is still the one woman he can't resist, but she believes Hunter went rogue. Now she's his only shot at getting the answers they need. Can they trust each other enough to save Topaz—and each other?

In order for a romantic suspense to really work, you need to believe the romance within the suspense, and it needs to move seamlessly from the romantic portions to the guns blazing and being chased portions.

This book worked in some places and not in others.

I believed in the relationship between Hunter and Kelly, but I thought too much credibility was given to the idea that she was his mark during the prologue...and that colored the way I felt about them at the end of the story.

There was a lot of action, and it was interesting, but I am not sure it was well-balanced throughout the story and I thought the ending/resolution was a little rushed and somewhat out of the blue.

Overall, I was engaged enough to finish the book, even with the issues noted above, and I do recommend this title.

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