Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A Moment for Us by Corinne Michaels - ARC Review & Release Blitz

New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels returns to Willow Creek Valley in this stunning surprise baby/unrequited love romance.

I was totally over Joshua Parkerson.

Sure, I had a teenage crush on him way back when--and everyone knew it--but he never saw me as anything but his little brother's friend, the girl who got tongue-tied any time he walked into a room.

I had long ago accepted the fact that his strong arms would never hold me, his lush lips would never claim mine, and his blue eyes would never see me as anything more than who I used to be.

But now he's back in Willow Creek Valley, and there's a brand-new spark between us--even he can't fight it. Our chemistry is explosive, and every time we're together, I swear I can feel the earth shake.

It doesn't mean anything... how could it? I'm over him.

Until I see that little pink plus sign, and the earth stops turning completely.

Now I want it all again, a life with him. But Joshua built walls around his heart for a reason, and his secrets haunt him.

How can I show him that the ghosts of his past don't have to define our new family's future?

Well, this one just gets you...all of the emotions.  Happy, sad, joy, grief...all of them.

Joshua and Delia have known each other forever, and she has been in love with him for exactly that long.  And, well, Joshua in his unguarded moments and to himself, admits that he is in love with Delia.  But, for reasons that you learn through the course of the book, he doesn't feel that he can be involved with her in anything other than a casual way.

And then this book happens.  This emotional, heartbreaking, makes you cry, book happens and so many things (all of them spoilers) change for the 2 of them.

For me, books that involve a surprise pregnancy go one of 2 ways...they either work because I believe the couple has a foundation that was enhanced because of the baby, or they don't work at all because I believe the couple is only together because of the baby.  I don't enjoy the 2nd type as I have to believe that the relationship would exist even without the child.  

No worries here, I believed in Joshua and Delia and in their relationship as the book was constructed in such a way as to allow life to lead the characters in a direction they wanted but didn't think they would ever have.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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Narrated by Andi Arndt and Connor Crais

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Meet Corinne

Corinne Michaels is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romance novels. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love, and she enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak before finding a way to heal them through their struggles.

Corinne is a former Navy wife and happily married to the man of her dreams. She began her writing career after spending months away from her husband while he was deployed--reading and writing were her escapes from the loneliness. Corinne now lives in Virginia with her husband and is the emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving mom of two beautiful children.

Connect with Corinne

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