Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Wild Heart by Laurelin Paige-Release Blast

Book three in the Dirty Wild trilogy that began with Wild Rebel.

Secrets, surprises, and second chances.

This trip down memory lane with Jolie has mended as much as it’s torn up.

I promised her I could handle anything. Whatever she was hiding, my wild heart would always belong to her.

But I could never have imagined this truth.
And she can’t blame me for how this will all end.

This had everything I wanted for Jolie and Cade.

Not only were the ends tied up nicely, but perfectly.

It's the 3rd book in a trilogy, so we finally get the happily ever after for Jolie and Cade, but we also get some really satisfying moments (and hot ones too) for all of the characters, including the supporting ones.

I loved everything about this book, even though it's impossible to give specifics without spoilers. So I'm going to keep this short, tell you to read it (but the other 2 first) and say that I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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