Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Make Mine a Cowboy by A. J. Pine - ARC Review

Dr. Charlotte North has no time for a player, not even one as tempting as Ben Callahan. Besides, Charlotte is only in Meadow Valley for a few months to help her grandmother. After that, it's back to New York and the career she loves. But when her gram starts to meddle in her personal life, Charlotte knows just the man to help her out. Ben's the perfect no-strings boyfriend, until Charlotte discovers that beneath that rugged, charming exterior lies a sweet and bighearted cowboy.

Ben Callahan is tired of people assuming he's an immature playboy, so when the smart and sexy Charlotte asks him to be her pretend boyfriend, he jumps at the chance to show everyone that he's changed his ways. Though he and Charlotte are calling their relationship fake, Ben's heart says otherwise. Two months with Charlotte isn't nearly enough. Will Ben be able to prove he's worthy of her for real before their time together is up, or will she leave Meadow Valley---and him---forever?

This book starts off with the resolution of an issue that was being dealt with in the last book and, I can't lie, I was really happy not only for the actual resolution but for the way it was handled.

Charlotte and Ben were supposed to be a short term fling, but things have changed for Ben and all of a sudden he sees her as more.  The problem?  She is leaving in a few months and didn't really sign up for "more" with Ben than a hot fling.

It's hard to review this one and not give away the things that have changed and the reasons that he has changed, and the events that happen in this one that alter how he sees life in general, so I will just say I enjoyed this title, not only because it has a strong romance but also because it dealt in a really believable way, with some human emotions and frailties that we all face.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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